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Some of the major reasons people move to a foreign land is for studies, a new job, to be close to a loved one or simply to start over.

Are you moving home, too? Shifting to a foreign land permanently? Moving home isn’t easy. Shifting to a country you know little about can be challenging.

How will you settle down in the new place? How will you adjust to the new lifestyle? Leaving behind you family, friends and a place you’ve called your own for a long time can certainly make you anxious. But it is also accompanied by the joy and excitement of starting something new.

When moving to a foreign land, the move isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. At Writer Relocations, we completely understand that.

To help you move and settle down in a new country without stress, we’ve put together a list of articles you must read before relocating abroad.

1. 8 ways to overcome culture shock when moving to a foreign land

Culture shock is unavoidable; no matter how well you think you know the country you are moving to. It is only when you actually start living there, that you realise how different certain things are. Even normal things like availability of running water all the time or hiring a cab without burning a hole in your pocket might be different in the new land.

And then, there are all the cultural differences you might encounter in your initial days. Dealing with it isn’t easy. Adjusting to a new lifestyle takes time and can sometimes be very difficult.

How do you deal with culture shock effectively? Here’s an article that will answer all your questions about dealing with culture shock in a foreign land.

2. 10 important tips for moving abroad with pets

Your pet is an important part of your family. When you move abroad, your pet is undoubtedly moving with you.

But we’ve all heard about the heap loads of paperwork involved when moving abroad with a pet, right? Isn’t that too much hassle?

Here’s a very useful article with tips for moving abroad with pets. If you plan the move right, relocating internationally with your pet won’t be stressful at all.

3. 10 ways to reduce stress when planning a move

Experts say that the ideal time to start preparing for a move is at least 6 weeks in advance.

Even if you hire the best movers and packers for moving abroad, you still need to plan and prepare for other things like looking for a house in the foreign land, finding a school for the children, getting rid of things you won’t need and making a list of things you will be moving with you.

To help you plan a stress-free international move, here are 10 tips you could use.

4. 10 reasons to choose Writer Relocations for your next international move

International relocations are a little more complicated than shifting locally. To ensure you have a stress-free and damage-free move experience, it is important that you hire a trusted and reliable moving company.

Writer Reloctions has been in the business for over 75 years. We’ve moved 500,000 happy customers, just like you, to 190 nations. With all our experience and expertise, you are sure to have a happy home moving experience.

If you’re still wondering if you should hire Writer Relocations for your international home move, here are 10 reasons why you absolutely should.

5. How to recognise if packers and movers try to fool you by pretending to be a big brand name

Over the last few years, a lot of fake packers and movers have cropped up in the moving industry. They use fake identity and pretend to be a famous brand name.

While they can easily copy the brand name, the problem starts when they fail to match the brand’s standard of service.

A lot of customers have fallen prey to this. The result is, they either lose their stuff when moving home or end up paying more for poor quality.

At Writer Relocations, we take our customers very seriously. Which is why, we’ve put together this article which will help you recognize if packers and movers are trying to fool you by pretending to be a big brand name.

6. 5 awesome ways to break the ice with your new neighbours

If you’ve just moved abroad, it is obvious that you wouldn’t know too many people around. But like they say, getting comfortable in a new country gets a lot simpler if you have friends there. And when it comes to making friends, why not start with your neighbours, right?

We know it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To help you break the ice with your new neighbours, here are 5 amazing tips you could use.

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We also offer orientation service for international relocations, to help you settle-in at your new home easily. Customers who have used our services say, adjusting to life in the new city got a lot simpler when they had an expert guiding them. Learn more about our orientation services here.

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