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Today’s changing demographics and vastly shifting lifestyle practices have extensively broadened the number of transferees who prefer not burdening themselves with home ownership and choose to opt for rent options after relocating to a new destination.

Going for the rental option

We at Writer Relocations, after assessing the preferences and requirements of the assignees, decide upon certain criteria for rental properties, which we share with our trusted rental agents in specific destinations.

We understand that different employees have different preferences and so we select properties for them, based on their tastes and interests. Even if it is a rented property, the assignee will be making it his or her home for a stipulated period. So, we offer them the accommodation that we feel is perfect for their tastes and standards.

Our orientation tours

Then comes our orientation tours with the assignees, where they opt for their preferred locations based on personal preferences like community, proximity to certain specific locations, or any other considerations.

Far away from their own surroundings, it is perfectly normal when they want to opt for residential options amongst their own country people.

Our experience over the years has made it easy for us to understand, which location and property will go best with which assignee. Our conversations, our associations with them have helped us to gain an understanding of their choices and preferences. This way we offer to our assignees what is best for them. And we have seen that all our assignees are happy with the accommodation facility chosen by us for them.

Deciphering property laws

There are different property laws that also need to be considered and dwelt upon. Assignees are from another country or city and so it is perfectly normal for them not to be aware of those laws.

We help them to understand the property laws and rental agreements, so that they do not have to bother themselves with these unnecessary hassles.

The rental agents in this final stage, select the right property, to be handed over to the concerned assignees.

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“The overall End to End experience delivered was professional, seamless, stress free and outstanding. In fact I have already recommended your organization to friends and rest assured I always talk high about my experience delivered by your organization to anyone interested in moving. I would definitely rate it a score of 5. Great work!! I would like to thank the entire crew for this awesome experience and would sum it up by saying “Your Promise, Delivered”. It was a delight to pro-actively receive regular updates of my shipment, the overall packing was fabulous covering every detail, close coordination between all parties at all times which reflects the “care” approach rather than the standard transactional approach which I personally believe is what separates you’ll from the competition. Would also like to highlight the crew at the destination – Grace international was equally professional and awesome. Great team work demonstrated and look forward to another exciting move with you sometime in near future. All the best and keep doing the great job.”

Claytone de Souza, Moved from Mumbai to Auckland