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Healthcare Logistics

Looking to move your medical equipment? When you have a healthcare set-up and you wish to relocate it to a new city or country, it is certainly normal for you to have sleepless nights.

Nobody wants to shift a healthcare set-up without a major reason. However, when the decision has been taken to relocate, you certainly have to assign the responsibility to a player who has been doing these services, for a prolonged period of time and hence has developed an ease to handle such mega scale operations quite effortlessly.

A mega scale operation

In a healthcare set-up, each and every unit is not only immense, but worth millions because of the facilities they provide and the number of people they cater to. So, when a relocation company has been assigned with this responsibility, it must understand the gravity of the matter and the scale of the entire process.

Writer Relocations offers healthcare logistics services, which include transportation of medical equipment, relocation of the hospital, warehousing and finally installation of medical equipment.

Specially trained professionals

Our experts co-ordinate with you to chalk out a relocation plan, decide on what’s to be moved, and finally the reinstallation procedure. The entire assignment is managed by our team that has been professionally trained and has substantial years of experience to manage such projects on a global scale.

Healthcare logistics usually includes intensive planning because of the scale of the operation, which involves transfer of equipment worth millions, and the participation of hundreds or even thousands of our staff members. And the thing is not only are there a lot of people who are involved in this matter, each one of them is highly skillful and experts in their field to know how to handle the operations well.

This is why it is critical to choose the right moving company. With 75+ years of moving experience, you can trust Writer Relocations as a partner for your healthcare logistics, assisting you from planning, budgeting and end-to-end management of the project.

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The Writer Relocations team completed more than 2,25,000 man hours of work with Shell

“The Writer Relocations team completed more than 2,25,000 man hours of work with Shell, without any major incident, or loss of time. They also met the agreed timelines in each phase. During the whole move with Shell, chemicals and equipment worth millions of dollars were moved. They covered more than 25,000 kms across two sites of Shell.”

Dharmesh Kumar, Shell (Commercial Moving) (Factory Moving) (Healthcare Logistics) (Lifescience Logistic)