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Employment Permits

Visa and Immigration laws differ from country to country and at times from one individual to another, in certain cases. Visa rules might throw surprises at the last moment. So, if you had you been totally ignorant to understand its nuances from the very beginning, your plans might get tampered with in many cases.

Visa irregularities

It has often been seen that things have not gone as predicted and people had to be thoroughly dismayed at how things turned out as per people’s plan. Visa and immigration irregularities are common and can often bring in an element of shock to people who aren’t prepared enough.

It can happen that you or your partner with a dependent visa, even with an appointment letter from a very prestigious firm be deluded from joining only because the visa regulations did not permit so. It is very common for people to be dismayed at what the visa regulations offer.

How we step in

This is where we, your executive relocation services partner, figure in, by providing you with details of employment permits as determined by the visa laws of specific countries. Our global mobility consultants, from the very beginning, provide you with sufficient details so that you are not in for an unpleasant surprise when planning your stay abroad.

There might be financial considerations to take into account, and the immigration rules might not become so taxing and costly for you that the entire purpose of relocation falls flat from the very beginning.

Sessions with us

Our consultations will help you to understand clearly what the employment permits are truly and whether you and your family members are legalised to work in certain fields in the country you have relocated to. This will help you to pre-plan all your processes with confidence, and even figure out ways to tackle situations if there is a provision of some restrictions.

As part of our executive relocation services, we also offer timely updates on your application status and a complete record of the permits.

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“The overall End to End experience delivered was professional, seamless, stress free and outstanding. In fact I have already recommended your organization to friends and rest assured I always talk high about my experience delivered by your organization to anyone interested in moving. I would definitely rate it a score of 5. Great work!! I would like to thank the entire crew for this awesome experience and would sum it up by saying “Your Promise, Delivered”. It was a delight to pro-actively receive regular updates of my shipment, the overall packing was fabulous covering every detail, close coordination between all parties at all times which reflects the “care” approach rather than the standard transactional approach which I personally believe is what separates you’ll from the competition. Would also like to highlight the crew at the destination – Grace international was equally professional and awesome. Great team work demonstrated and look forward to another exciting move with you sometime in near future. All the best and keep doing the great job.”

Claytone de Souza, Moved from Mumbai to Auckland