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When your HR processes reach out to assignees who are relocated to a new destination, it’s not enough to opt for a single type of residential facility for all the employees. Each individual is different from the other so it’s only fair not to expect that what is suitable for one might be so for the other. There is a matter of preferences to be considered as well.

Letting individual preferences to bloom

An office offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere. People from various communities become a part of the same workforce. But when it comes to opting for residential facilities, it is unfair to expect that there would be no individual preferences to be considered. People might want to live amidst individuals of their own community. There is a language preference that is to be considered as well. Then, religious undertones cannot be denied as well. It is only fair that we give the employees a chance to select what they might want.

And it is not that only the employees are living all by themselves. When the assignees are sent to some other country for a long-term project, they usually bring in their family members to be with them. So, selecting a residential property is also dependent on those very family members.

Someone might wish to take up a house close to his or her child’s school, while a person who is a bachelor might not have any such preferences. That person might want a very happening locality that has a very impressive nightlife.

Honouring the distinctive choices

It is only fair that we respect the differences. That is why with our residential management and relocation services, we reach out to the assignees and help them find a place of their own choice.

Here is where Writer Relocations’ role gains importance because we with our property management and relocation services, ensure that we assign residential options to employees based on their individual preferences and conveniences.

We believe in assisting the employees to set up a new home, away from home and that’s why our endeavour remains to ensure our assignees do not have to compromise in any way, when it comes to residential options.

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“The overall End to End experience delivered was professional, seamless, stress free and outstanding. In fact I have already recommended your organization to friends and rest assured I always talk high about my experience delivered by your organization to anyone interested in moving. I would definitely rate it a score of 5. Great work!! I would like to thank the entire crew for this awesome experience and would sum it up by saying “Your Promise, Delivered”. It was a delight to pro-actively receive regular updates of my shipment, the overall packing was fabulous covering every detail, close coordination between all parties at all times which reflects the “care” approach rather than the standard transactional approach which I personally believe is what separates you’ll from the competition. Would also like to highlight the crew at the destination – Grace international was equally professional and awesome. Great team work demonstrated and look forward to another exciting move with you sometime in near future. All the best and keep doing the great job.”

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