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Have you moved to a new country recently? Or planning to move soon?

When moving to a foreign land, fitting in is one of the biggest concerns most people have.

You’re worried about fitting into your new job. The new country. And getting along with your new neighbours.

Your company’s HR will ensure that you get enough opportunities to interact with your colleagues and get to know them. But breaking the ice with your neighbours can get a little tricky.

Being friendly with your neighbours can certainly make you feel less lonely in the new place. But how do you get to know them?

Here are 5 interesting things you can do to break the ice with your neighbours

1. Don’t spend all your time locked away at home

How will your neighbours ever know that someone new has moved in next door if you spend all your time at home? If you are hesitant to walk across and introduce yourself, a good way it to spend some time outdoors. Let them spot you. When they see you, exchange a friendly nod or wave to them. If they don’t seem too busy, walk over and say hello.

2. Make one friend first

If you aren’t one of those social butterflies, you’d certainly want to start small. Make one friend at a time. Did you spot someone friendly when taking a walk? Saw a familiar face at the local market?

Strike a conversation with one person first.

You could then ask them to introduce you to others around. This way, your first conversation with your neighbours won’t be too awkward.

3. Throw a house-warming party

What better way to break the ice with your neighbours than a housewarming party, right? You can get creative with the invitation. This will make you look like a fun person to hang out with.

If you have a backyard or a porch, have the party in the open area. Since your neighbours don’t know you too well yet, they’d be more comfortable if the party is outdoors rather than inside your house. It works well for you too. We know you won’t be too comfortable having a lot of strangers in your house. This way, you can have them over without having them inside the house.

Don’t go overboard with snacks and beverages. Keep something light like coffee or soda and some tea-time cake or cookies.

4. Learn about the local culture

If you are moving to a new country, chances are your neighbours don’t speak the same language as you do. Communicating can get really tricky.

Also, your cultures may be very different. You might not know if you’re crossing a line.

Reading up about the local culture before you move might save you from embarrassment. Knowing a few basic phrases in the local language will also make it simpler for you to make friends in your neighbourhood.

5. Join an expat club

If you feel alone and disoriented in a foreign land, the best thing to do is find like-minded people. People who come from the same country as you or have a job similar to yours can help you deal with what you’re going through.

Joining an expat club can make you feel at home in the foreign land. It also gives you a platform to meet and interact with other expatriates. Who know, you might even bump into someone from the same neighbourhood at the club.

If you are nervous about fitting in when you move internationally, join Writer Relocations Expat Club. Our club organizes cultural, entertainment, and adventure activities, and also offers attractive membership privileges.

If none of this works, just walk across and ask your neighbours if you can borrow some sugar.

Clichéd as it may sound, it actually works. Since you’ve recently moved in, it won’t look fake at all. You could use this opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know your neighbour.

Once you have unpacked your belongings and settled in, you could even invite your neighbours over for a cup of tea or gift them some nice baked goodies to say Thank You.

Moving to a new country comes with its fair share of pros and cons. The joy of moving a foreign land and starting something new is accompanied with the sadness of leaving behind friends, family and a lot of memories.

At Writer Relocations, we understand that moving isn’t just physical moving. Which is why, our specially designed Orientation Services help you adjust to life in the new country.

Right from searching for home, finding the right school for your children to managing your expenses, we help you with all of this without stress.

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