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Customs, traditions and etiquette are unique to every country and they in their own ways shape how business is carried out in varied sectors. It is crucial to understand these subtle nuances so as to gain a detailed perspective about the global economy as a whole. And, the only way to overcome the challenges of globalisation is to be equipped with some knowledge that would come useful. After all, professional commitments may demand relocation to any parts of the world. So, if job calls and you have to relocate to a new country, an understanding of global etiquette can help you get a better footing wherever you go.

The best way to avoid any sort of blunder and equip oneself is:

·        To be thorough with the current affairs of the nation you are relocating to

·        Knowing a few local traditions and customs of the place

·        Picking up a few words or phrases of the language that’s spoken in that land

You can learn these with the help of reading books and magazines. The services of one of the best relocation services companies will also give you a perspective about the new country you relocated in their post-relocation orientation services.

Let us take a look at the most important business etiquette from a few of the most important regions of the world:

Business cultures in Europe

Germans like to stick to their original business plans and do not appreciate much changes in their schedules.

Being a team player is something that’s taken in high regard in Denmark.

French think very highly of their language. It’s, in fact, part of their national identity. So, when in France, it’s intelligent to know the local language there.

In Spain, people give a lot of importance to socialising. For them, that side of life is more important than their professional life.

In the Czech Republic, it’s advisable, not to schedule a meeting for Friday afternoons. Czechs love to make the most of weekends and so many times leave town on Friday afternoons to make the most of the extended weekends.

Business cultures in Africa

It’s a very typical African culture to begin shaking hands with people on your right and then move around the room while attending a social gathering.

Colonial manners are still predominant in many parts of Africa. English etiquette is principally practised, while South Africa follows Dutch manners to a certain extent.

Business cultures in Asia

More than the individual, the group is of more importance to the people in Asia. Asians tend to give importance to the groups predominantly, much more than individuals. Overall, they prefer to take group decisions, function as a team and when it comes to socialising, that also happens as a group.

Keep these useful tips in mind:

Handshakes are a common form of greeting and are often accompanied by a nod or bow.

It is considered respectful to offer business cards with both hands, as you hold the card between thumb and forefingers.

Hugging someone suddenly or patting on the back is common in the West but not so relevant among people of this continent.

Business cultures in the Middle East

Trust plays a very predominant role when it comes to business dealings in the Middle East.

It would do you good to keep these tips in mind:

References and contacts are good for first beginnings.

Begin every meeting with a handshake.

Personalised greetings and interactions are always preferred.

Business cultures in the United States

It is a known fact that Americans are very informal people and can strike up conversations with complete strangers as well.

But do keep these tips in mind while planning for a business deal in the US:

Business greetings are usually very informal in America.

Americans prefer firm handshakes and eye contact to be maintained.

Communications are usually very direct when you deal with Americans.

It helps to know the business cultures in the various countries of the world so that when you relocate to any country in the world, you will know how to behave best.

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