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We are at home for our own safety as we are following social distancing norms in our fight against COVID-19. However, locked up in homes does not mean putting life on hold. It means planning for the next phase, getting ourselves prepared for an exciting new beginning. As an international mover and packer company, with experience of over six decades in helping people shift to a new place, we advise you to start planning to move to your home in a new country. Well, to begin with, we, Writer Relocations, a worldwide relocation services provider, can help you to get set go with the process.

You must be wondering how can that be possible since most of the countries in the world, at this point in time, are under lockdown. Well, we have a solution for you. We believe in resorting to technology and have our unique video survey service in place, along with move consultation by our very own experts. So, in these times as well, we can help you work towards your plan.

A home survey is the first step while moving into a new home. All your goods and home items need to be surveyed first before you get a quote to relocate. So, home survey, expert consultation and getting a quote – all that can happen now as well, with us.

All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or an iPad and you can avail of our video survey service. It’s the perfect thing to do now, since leaving the house is not a possibility.

As an international moving company, we often conduct a home survey, as a first step, where we identify the volumes of your goods, the kind of items that are to be carried and shortlist those that would require special care. We do the same virtually now and save the trouble of a home visit.

Most of us these days are familiar with Skype or video calling through multiple apps and platforms. So, opting for this format of our video survey will be a cakewalk for you. Make sure you have a good internet connection or Wi-Fi to make the video survey of your home is a seamless one.

Based on the survey, albeit virtually, we shall provide you a consultation as well, after which we give you the exact quote for your move.

So, fix up a date for our video calling home survey and we can go ahead with the same in no time.

Once this process is complete and you are aware of the finances involved, you can plan better for the move to a new country or city. As a part of the entire bouquet of our worldwide relocation services, we also help you settle in, to your new home as a part of our destination services.

If you have time in your hands, you can do a lot more. Dig into Writer Relocations’ Destination Guides and get a headstart in knowing your new destination penned down by our very own relocation experts. From local property markets, schooling options, cultural aspects, medical care assistance, and others, you will get everything a person needs to settle down in a city and make it a home.