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COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread like wildfire and has afflicted the entire world. In such a scenario it’s quite natural for the HR processes of organisations to be clueless and look for imminent ways to beat the crisis and tackle the changing norms of employee mobility in today’s times. As an eminent overseas removal company, we understand the difficult time that is ahead and the enormous pressure on the organisations.

Coronavirus has brought about terrible panic around the world, which has led to serious business implications. Tackling mobility among staff members is one very serious consideration.

With lockdown phases being imposed worldwide, HR departments are under tremendous pressure as to how they would tackle the changing working environments, given the fact that most employees are working from home.

Indeed, under the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are mostly restricted to their respective homes, it seems likely that their mental health is affected at certain times. With our experience in international relocation services, we are aware that a new surrounding at times can be quite overwhelming for many employees and now when the situation is so dire with lockdown and mass deaths everywhere, anyone would be inversely affected. Stress, anxiety, leading to depression can be very common among employees in this scenario.

Often people are restricted to their individual homes away from their professional hub, so it can happen that they might feel left out, isolated or unsuccessful in these situations.

Mental health issues are quite common given how things are shaping up, but the social stigma associated with it, often prevents people from coming out with what’s ailing them or addressing them. The current situation is such that people cannot even reach out for the right resource even if they are too depressed. In this situation, the HR processes or a designation wing of the organistions need to take steps on their own to help employees feel motivated. They must reach out to them at regular intervals to give them the reassurance that things will shape up just fine in the days to come.

Promoting the well-being of the employees is a very important step in this respect where the much-needed stress on nutritious diet, exercise, mindfulness, and merits of a proper work-life balance need to be reinforced.

Employees need to be told that depression, stress and mental setbacks are common during an unprecedented time like this and the ways and avenues where they can find support.

Responsible leadership is all about reaching out to the team members and understanding if any sort of health crisis that is ailing them. Employers need to reassess their priorities to manage the workforce at this unforeseen juncture. Even though the focus remains at the bigger picture, employee well-being needs to be a focal point as well. After all, it falls under their social, cultural and environmental responsibilities.

Reaching out to employees and showing concern for their mental health during this time of COVID-19, when they are mostly stuck in lockdowns is one very important way through which companies can showcase their commitment to the workforce.