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Shifted to a new country? Bogged down with loneliness that you do not know how to get rid of? Well, these are all the obvious symptoms that expats often experience in the initial months post a relocation. After the relocation formalities are completed with a trustworthy global mover and packer company, a strange feeling of seclusion and isolation creep in, which is often popularly called ‘Expat Blues’. Staying away from one’s own family, getting attuned to completely new cultural norms and ways of living can be taxing and take a toll on one’s mental health as well.

‘Expat blues’ might not be easy to explain, mostly to those who have never really experienced it themselves. However, it is mostly to do with a feeling of solitude, after one goes abroad and leaves behind the familiarity of one’s own home turf. Some people start feeling bad from the very beginning while others initially have a feeling of a tourist and then the real feeling of isolation seeps in.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you will not be enjoying your life abroad. The days of difficulty will be there initially, but slowly the expat blues will disappear. We discuss here, the different ways you can combat loneliness when you are living away from home:

Live life in moderation

Living abroad, away from the familiar comforts of one’s known environs is certainly a lonely experience, and more so if you’re planning to do so alone. If you are relocating because of an interesting career opportunity, make sure not to get carried away with your work assignments and do pay heed to your other responsibilities as well. The trick getting over loneliness when you are alone abroad is to put in place a balanced routine that works best for you.

Try not to repent the move

Relocation is for the better, always know that and believe in it. You have shifted to a new city, a new country to better your life. Understand the fact that many like you have suffered before but they did not allow that suffering get the better of them. Remind yourself of the merits of shifting, why the idea had appeared lucrative to you in the first place and why you had shifted.

Remember, it’s just a matter of days before you will bounce back to a life of happiness in the new country. So, do not push yourself too hard.

Become a part of expat groups

A wonderful way of combating loneliness when you have just been abroad is to become a part of a few expat communities. There are several expat groups, online or others, which let you communicate with people like yourself who may be going through pangs of loneliness, distress, far away from home or just wish to expand friend circle. They can give you valuable insights, share experiences of their life abroad.

Speak out

In case you are feeling low in the new country, do not hide your emotions. Express yourself to others and be open to people who you think can be empathetic and understanding of your feelings. Be honest and acknowledge the feelings and emotions. That will help you to overcome the deep-rooted homesickness you might be experiencing.

Positive thinking can change your mood

Positive thinking for an extensive period can change your current mood and make you feel good about yourself. You must understand that this sadness is just a temporary phase of your life. Once you are more settled, have become familiar with the place and created memories than you can cherish, you will surely make the place your very own.

So, accept the loneliness that you might experience during the initial phase in a new country. Do not forget that you have relocated to a new country for your greater good. So slowly shed off your inhibitions and come up with ways to transform your negative thoughts into those that can be truly cherished.