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When you help your assignees relocate, it is also your responsibility to help their families move into the new country eventually. Moving abroad is not an easy task and that too with one’s entire family is quite challenging. However, we are with you every step of the way to help your assignees and their family get the correct footing in the relocated country. Insecurities are very common and might crop up at any time. But as your relocation partner, we spill the secret ways to venture for a hassle-free move for your assignees and their family members.

Here are a few tips that will help you to give the right direction as you plan the entire relocation process.


1.  Extensive research

You need to research and give a report to your assignees about the entire place, the job opportunities for the spouses, educational facilities for the wards and other considerations depending on the specific family requirements. These will determine how confident the family will be when it comes to a move to a completely new country.

Relevant points to research are:

– Emergency service
Proximity to a good hospital


– Children facilities
What are the good schools in the neighbourhood?

Are there any proper playgrounds?

The existence of playgroups in the area

Enrollment of the children in a good school


-Employment scenario
The job opportunities in the new country


– Stores and other services
Address of a supermarket in the locality

A pharmacy in the neighbourhood

A fitness centre

Location of a good club or any other such similar societies


2.   Accommodation

Your assignees have just moved into a new place. Their family members have not fully adjusted to the new country, its norms and culture. So, it’s intelligent not to go for a huge investment right at the beginning. Taking up a house on rent will give them requisite knowledge of the surroundings they have moved into, and if everything works out, then they can always buy a house later. So, rushing into buying a property isn’t that good an idea and it’s better to take up a house on rent first.


3. Immigration formalities

Moving abroad is all about arranging for visas, then go for work permits, along with the residence permits. These crucial documents are needed to open bank accounts, register the children for school, access the healthcare benefits and others. We at Writer Relocations, help your assignees from the very beginning with the visa and immigration formalities, so that they do not face any stumbling blocks ahead. These requirements vary from one country to another. So, it’s essential to get accurate information for the specific destination country.


4. Moving with pets

We help your assignees complete all paperwork when it comes to moving their pets. There might be certain vaccinations needed before the move, as per rules of the destination land. It’s better to be aware of them, right from the very beginning. If they need to place their pets into quarantine, they must know about all the options beforehand.

Finally ensure that the partner you choose has a dedicated team of global mobility specialists to provide solutions tailored for your specific needs to deliver successful assignee relocations.