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Employee Relocation Management Tips For Efficent Move

A smooth, successful domestic relocation requires several weeks of careful planning and preparation. It entails creating a schedule of things you have to do within a specified number of days to ensure you pack everything you need to bring with you.

This timetable should also cover the other important things you have to do related to relocating, such as sorting your belongings to know which ones to bring, sell, give away, donate, and throw, and informing all the people who need to know about your upcoming move.

However, there will be instances when you won’t have several weeks to plan a relocation. You may be asked to fill up a suddenly vacated post or be with your family in another state or city because of an emergency.

In such situations, you will be lucky if you get at least a month to prepare for your move.

Experiencing a Hassle-Free Emergency Move

Regardless of how many weeks you are given to prepare for a relocation, you can make your urgent move a little less stressful, and a lot more organised, with these tips:

1. Create a moving timetable.

Even if you only have a short time to prepare for a relocation, you won’t go wrong with making a moving schedule first.

Use a notebook to write down all the things you have to do before you move. You can also print out a moving timetable, which you can get online.

Be as detailed as possible and make sure you set a specific number of hours or days and deadlines for each task. Make sure it covers everything you need to do, including purging your belongings, hiring your mover, settling your utility bills, and packing each room.

Doing so ensures you minimise the number of things you have to do at the last minute, which will surely add to your stress and possibly delay your shifting plan.

2. Purge your belongings.

Going through all your belongings and carefully choosing the items you want to bring can help you save plenty of time when you pack.

Start by putting as many of your belongings as you can in piles that you plan to sell, give to relatives and friends, donate, or simply throw away. If you haven’t used an item for at least six months, chances are, you won’t need it in the future, so it would be best to leave it.

When you set aside only the things you really need and want to bring for your move, you will cut the time and work you have to put into packing. You will also save money on the packing materials you’ll need.

3. Stick to your packing schedule.

Packing requires the most time and work throughout the entire moving process. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by this part, ensure you create a detailed packing schedule and stick to it.

To stay organised, pack by room. This means packing your living room for a day or two, then the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas on the following days.

If you have more important things to do on a particular day, try to pack two or three boxes per room so that your work won’t pile up and you will have fewer things to work on the next day.

Also, since you are moving on short notice, don’t forget to ask your family and friends to help you pack. Doing so will help you reduce the work that needs to be done and the pre-moving stress at the same time.

Another option is to hire reputable packers and movers in Mumbai to handle the entire packing process. With professional packing unpacking services, you can free yourself of this responsibility and go about other tasks that require your personal touch.

4. Ask others for help.

Aside from getting your family, friends, and colleagues to help you with packing, you can ask for their assistance with other tasks as well.

If you have children or pets, ask a family member, friend, or neighbour to look after them while you pack fragile items or when you need to run important errands.

You can reward everyone who helps you by giving them the first pick of the items you are leaving behind. These can include dinnerware and kitchenware, clothes, appliances, and your other belongings that are still in excellent condition.

Also, don’t forget to invite them if you are hosting a farewell party so that you can thank them and have great memories of them since you may not see them for a while.

Hire your mover as soon as possible.

Finally, make sure you find and hire reliable relocation service providers as soon as you know that you are moving.

Spend a few hours getting as many details as you can about the relocation companies you can hire. Find out what their services, rates, and covered areas are. If you need help with packing, make sure your shortlisted providers offer this.

Read reviews about the moving company you want to hire and speak with a representative to ensure you can trust them and that you will get your money’s worth.

Once you have done your homework and are satisfied with a particular relocation company, book them immediately since there is a chance they may not be available on your chosen moving day, particularly if it is during peak season.

Moving on short notice can be daunting and challenging, but not impossible. Follow these tips and you will surely experience a stress-free and successful domestic move.

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