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Assignment Consulting

We understand that the HR processes of a company have to handle multiple responsibilities. That’s the reason they team up with long distance moving companies to handle this responsibility. So, as partners, we take charge to relocate your employees to whichever global destinations the job demands.

Simplifying the task

We offer global assignment management solutions, irrespective of the fact that you decide to move your employees to any part of the country or world. We are always there to simplify your work by taking complete care of the employees who you’re planning to relocate.

And, when we serve you with the utmost efficiency through our relocation and assignment consulting, we pay heed to the specific requirements of your company, and that too at optimum prices. And if we take up that much of your responsibility, you can give more time and attention to your other business requirements.

Catering to specific employee needs

As part of our assignment and move management offerings, our consultants commence the process by understanding the specific needs of the employees and then making them decipher the nuances of the regulations and processes of the concerned nations. Employees who are assigned to relocate often have different requirements and that’s the reason they often have to be handled differently. The queries are different and so the solutions meted out by our consultants are also different, depending upon the need of the hour.

The consultation also includes guiding your employees so as to help them find the right footing in the new country and that happens with a host of services like assistance in the settling in process, shipment and delivery of their goods and even arranging for cross-cultural training in the new country. Cross cultural training is a very unique offering from us and it’s an essential element of the settling in procedure offered by the consultants from our end.

Your Mobility Journey

Testimonial Background

Read what people like you say about packing and moving with Writer Relocations.

First of all, I want to thank you one more time for the very high efficiency of your team.

This allowed me to get within less than one week, both my visa extension and my Indian resident permit !!! Very good job indeed and all my congratulations for this last minute operation !!!

B.R. Orange Business