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Over the last few years, the number of expats moving to Asian countries has increased significantly. Growing job opportunities and improved standard of living and good quality of education contributes to this greatly.

Are you thinking about moving to a country in Southeast Asia? Shifting home with your family?

Life in Southeast Asian countries is quite different from India. Expats moving from Western countries also take some time adjusting to life here.

To overcome culture shock and settle in with ease, here are 5 essential tips every expat moving to a country in Southeast Asia must know.

1. Renting property is better than buying

If you’re moving with your family, you’ll obviously want a comfortable house for the family. But don’t rush into buying one. It’s best to rent a place, at least initially. If you’re moving for a short term, you’ll save a lot of money by renting property. Also, it is a lot more convenient.

2. Explore your options before renting a house

A lot of people prefer renting a house for the long term before moving. This isn’t the smartest decision to make. It is always best to stay in a place for a while and then decide what you want to do. It is also advisable that you enquire with your colleagues and neighbours before signing the contract for renting a house. If you are moving with Writer Relocations, we help you with your house search as part of our Orientation Services.

If you are moving for work, ask your employer to help you out.

3. Make friends with the other expats

What better way to learn about the country than to interact with other expats? Since you both share a similar background, they’ll be able to guide you better. Mingling with other expats will also make you feel less homesick.

Writer Relocations Expat Club gives you the opportunity to interact with expats, just like you. Our club organizes cultural, entertainment, and adventure activities, and also offers attractive membership privileges. Learn more about it, here.

4. Shop locally

You might be comfortable with brands you used back home, but the local market in most Asian countries is worth exploring. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality you get.

5. Bargain when shopping

Bargaining here, is the norm. Expats, especially those moving from Western countries, might not be comfortable with bargaining. But you’ll soon realise that everyone here does that.

The right way to do it is to be polite and ask for a discount with a smile. It almost always work.

Writer Relocations has been helping people move from India to various Southeast Asian countries for the last 63 years.

To make sure you have a stress-free move and settle in the new place without fuss, it is best to learn more about the country before you move.

International move experts at Writer Relocations have put together destination guides for major countries in Southeast Asia

1. Moving to Myanmar

Until 2011, the Government of Myanmar didn’t allow tourists to visit the country. But ever since that has changed, a lot of expats have been moving to Myanmar for work. Myanmar has a lot of opportunities for working professionals as well as foreign investors.

Read more about life of expats here in this detailed destination guide for Myanmar.

2. Moving to Philippines

Finding a job in Philippines is not easy. While some expats manage it, better employment opportunities is not why people move to this country.

Want to know more about life in Philippines? This detailed destination guide that will help you out.

3. Moving to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam is an adventure for expats. Vietnam offers a huge potential for earnings as well as promises a good quality of life.

Read more about life of expats here, in this detailed destination guide for Vietnam.

4. Moving to Thailand

Expats moving to Thailand are sure to be fascinated by the sparkling beaches, striking landscapes and the enigmatic culture of the country.

Finding a job in cities other than Bangkok is a challenge for expats. This is the reason why Bangkok has the maximum number of expats in the country

Read more about moving to Thailand here.

5. Moving to Singapore

Expats from several countries have settle down in Singapore. Which is why, settling in at Singapore isn’t very difficult for expats.

Read more about moving to Singapore in this detailed destination guide.

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