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Relocate to Vietnam

Key Facts

Official Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Capital: Hanoi

Continent: Asia

Population: 94.6 million

Official Languages: Vietnamese

Religions followed: Folk or Irreligious, Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, Hoahaoism

Currency: Dong

Time Zone: UTC+7

Country Tel Code: +84

Living in Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam is an adventure for expats. Vietnam offers a huge potential for earnings as well as promises a good quality of life.

Think of it - a growing art culture, lovely places to see, the best food in Asia, and a rapidly growing economy, all conspire to make it a unique experience for you.

On its east, the country is lined with thousands of miles of pretty beaches. On its west, it shares mountain borders with Laos and Cambodia. In the north, it borders China.

Hanoi, the capital, is situated in the north. It’s a city that’s dotted with beautiful lakes. Its streets bustle with people and restaurants. Its roads brim with motorbikes.

The commercial capital of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City [formerly Saigon]. Modern skyscrapers mingle cheek-by-jowl with older French colonial buildings here. Malls and restaurants abound.

Politics in Vietnam

The President of Vietnam is the head of state. The Prime Minister of Vietnam is the head of government. The government and the President of Vietnam exercises executive power.

The National Assembly of Vietnam holds legislative power. The Executive is independent of the Judiciary. The Constitution of Vietnam was adopted by the parliament its fifth, on 28 November 2013.

The National Assembly elects the President for a five-year term and acts as the commander-in-chief of the Vietnam People's Armed Forces and Chairman of the Council for Defence and Security.

The Prime Minister heads the government. The Prime Minister appoints several Deputy Prime Ministers and ministers in charge of particular activities. The implementation of political, economic, cultural, social, national defense, security and external activities of the state is the responsibility of the executive branch.

The National Assembly is a unicameral legislative body.

Economy of Vietnam

The economy of Vietnam is the fastest growing of all the world’s emerging economies. It is assumed that the economy of Vietnam will become the 21st largest in the world by 2025.

A significant amount of the country’s economy comes from export. The major items that Vietnam exports are crude oil, textiles and garments, rice, coffee, rubber and coal.

Foreign-invested sectors make up for about 35% of the country’s industrial production.

Some of the leading industries in Vietnam are processed foods, garments, shoes, machine building, cement, chemical fertilizers, steel and paper.

Buying and Renting Property in Vietnam

For expats, finding a home isn’t very difficult. Usually, the employer helps you find accommodation. If not, you can ask colleagues or find a house on sites like and

Taking help of a real estate agent for finding a house is advisable since they know the market well. Also, having someone who speaks the local language will make the house search simpler.

Expats are not allowed to buy land in Vietnam. Also, since most foreigners move there only for a short term, they prefer renting a house rather than buying one.

While renting a house, expats are required to pay up to two months of rent in advance, as a security deposit.

Schools in Vietnam

People of Vietnam value education. The literacy rate of the country is 90%. For a developing country, a literacy rate like says a lot about the culture and people’s mindsets.

Over the last few years, schools in Vietnam have seen a rise in the quality of education. The Government is constantly looking for ways to improve the standards of schools and quality of education in the country.

There has been a growth in the number of private schools In Vietnam.

Most expats prefer sending their kids to an international school. But international schools are quite expensive. To save money, quite a few expats send their children to a good public school. Since the quality of education is good, it doesn’t affect the child’s education.

Weather of Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam is generally humid and moderately hot. That said, there are large regional variations with the northern area being significantly cooler than the central and southern areas.

Average temperatures range between 22°C (72°F) and 27°C (81°F), and humidity is usually upward of 80 percent.

You can check the current weather of Vietnam here.

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