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Finally! The move is complete.

After arriving in your new place and unpacking everything, you’re surely ready to get settled.

But first, let’s talk about that big pile of moving boxes disrupting the zen of your new home.

Relocation entails a lot of planning and preparation, but those don’t often cover what happens after you unpack. Still, the fact that you need to deal with those used moving boxes as early as possible doesn’t change.

But don’t throw them away just yet. There’s always a way to recycle these things and make sure they don’t merely end up in a landfill somewhere.

As professional movers and packers, below are four ideas we recommend that you try to reuse and recycle your moving boxes:

1. Transform them into things that help keep your new home organised.

Cardboard boxes used for home shifting are pretty sturdy because they are made to keep your belongings safe and secure during transport. But did you know that they can also help you keep your things organised even after your move?

First, set aside the sturdier boxes from your relocation. Then, sort your possessions – from clothing and apparel to books and magazines – and put them away in their proper places.

After that, let your creativity flow and transform those boxes into something functional and decorative at the same time.

Here are some ways to recycle your moving boxes to organise your home:

Cardboard Drawer Dividers

Pieces of cardboard can be made into simple dividers to keep your closet or office desk drawers tidy. Below is a step-by-step guide for this DIY project:

  • Get the measurements of your drawer’s interior: width, height, and depth.
  • Cut two cardboard pieces based on the measurements: 1) height x depth and 2) height x width.
  • Mark the middle of each of the two rectangle-shaped cardboard pieces and cut a line on them halfway through.
  • Insert the pieces onto each other, forming a cross.

If you have more time for the project, you can glam it up a bit. Right before assembling the dividers, cut a piece of wrapping paper according to the cardboard’s dimensions. Then, paste the wrapper onto the partitions.

Don’t forget to retrace the cut along the middle of the cardboard dividers so that you can fit them together.

Stylish Shelf Storage

If you have a shelf or tabletop area you want to tidy up, you can explore creative DIY ideas by using your moving boxes as stylish storage options for your belongings. All you need to do is cover them with colorful fabric, transforming them into eye-catching storage solutions.

Aside from making them look more decorative, this can also enhance the durability of the boxes.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Place a piece of fabric flat on your work surface. Make sure the right side is facing down.
  • Put the box over the fabric and cut according to the size of the outer edges of the box. Leave an extra length for the flap to be folded into the box’s inner sides.
  • Fold the flaps neatly until the outer parts of the box are completely covered.
  • Using a spray adhesive (shaken well), attach the fabric onto the box. Don’t forget to press out air pockets or bubbles that may form on the surfaces. Repeat this process for all sides of the box – inside and out.
  • \
  • Measure the bottom of the box and cut a cardboard piece about a quarter-inch or half-inch smaller. Cover this with fabric using the same process.
  • Secure the extra cardboard piece at the bottom of the box. This should help support the weight of the items you put inside.

You can add more decorations like lace materials or ribbons to the storage box. If you prefer, you may also label it according to the contents you intend to put inside.

2. Use them to protect your floors when redecorating.

After you move, you may also want to redecorate or repaint your new place. Use your moving boxes to protect your floors, walls, and furniture by breaking them down according to the size of the items you want to cover.

Pro Tip: Cut them along the folded seams. Make them as big as possible and layer them over your carpet. You can also use painter’s tape to secure them on your wood floors to prevent damage.

3. Create a pet playhouse out of them.

You can also use old moving cardboard boxes for your pets.

Break them down and use them as extra matting for your furry babies’ sleeping area.

You can also keep them as they are and transform them into a cat or dog playhouse. Don’t forget to cut out windows and doors for your kitty to enjoy, or attach several boxes to create a bigger fort.

4. Set them aside for later use.

Whether you own a business, ship a lot of packages, or like to wrap gifts, you can quickly turn your moving boxes into shipping or gift containers.

Keep those you think you can use and fold them up to save space. You can just set the boxes back up when it’s time to use them.

Besides this, you can also use your moving boxes for the same purpose they are designed for – for relocation. As international movers and packers, we see many people transferring from one place to another and reusing the same moving boxes over and over (as long as they are still sturdy and in good condition, of course).

Eco-Friendly Relocation Is a Must

People use up a lot of materials during a move, most of which end up in the trash afterwards. If you wish to make your relocation eco-friendly, you can begin by recycling moving boxes as advised here.

Want to learn more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly methods of removal? Get in touch with Writer Relocations. We’re always here to help.