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COVID-19 has changed world dynamics like never before. The most developed countries of the world are struggling and trying to come to terms with the medical emergencies and economic downturn. Where is the world headed to is the question playing on in everyone’s mind. In this altered scenario, people’s moving plans will go for a drastic change as will change the visa and immigration norms. As an international moving services company, we will help you understand how things pan out and if you plan to move your home to any part of the world after the COVID-19 crisis subsides, we will ensure you do so seamlessly.

With the on-the-ground knowledge, the moving specialists at Writer Relocations make immigration rules understandable to customers like you, guiding you all and your family members through what might otherwise be a very confusing and incredibly difficult process.

So, make sure you use considerable discretion as you partner with a reliable international removal company. The best global movers will take on such responsibilities like:

  • Processing entry visas
  • Legalisations and translations
  • Assisting with documentation works and residence permits
  • Completing and submitting layers of immigration

An overseas removal company of repute will have the expertise in such bureaucratic requirements, to simplify and accelerate the seemingly tedious processes, like these.

And, the status of any particular visa and immigration regulation is subject to change. With COVID-19 and its impending impacts about to revamp the world order majorly, it’s quite evident that with high chances of a global recession, there would be major restrictions imposed on moving norms worldwide.

Be it changes in employment status, or extensions in employment contracts, everything needs to be revisited from the perspective of a changed world order.

So, it might not be easy for you to execute so many responsibilities single-handedly. Frequent audits need to be conducted as well, to ensure that the details of such changes have been captured and the appropriate measures are taken.

You can entrust the responsibility on us as you make us your global moving partner. After all, we have the required expertise to handle end-to-end visa and immigration services:

  • Visa and Immigration assessment consultations, pre-screening, visa tracking & renewals
  • Employment permit and application support
  • Visa documentation application to visa issuance and delivery assistance
  • Compliance support for business travelers
  • Guidance and advisory notes with latest law/rules changes
  • Education and training support on Visa and Immigration rules

From executing the major responsibilities when it comes to our miscellaneous tasks which we undertake, like, translation, legalisation, certification, notarisation and visa conversion, we at Writer Relocations, even go into the nitty-gritty of field operations like:

  • Assisting clients like you with all paperwork related to filling up the forms, letters, applications etc.
  • Single point ownership for filing case documents for each assignee.
  • Assistance in conducting research and compile information related to the case file.
  • Helping out with invoice preparation and collection. It’s basically owning the entire job in the system.

So, you need not worry and get stressed before an international relocation, when you have a trustworthy company like Writer Relocations as your deserving moving partner.