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It’s a strange time for all of us as we remain locked in our homes, trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But this phase will surely end and soon we will be back to our normal lives. Then because of work, education, or personal reasons you might have to move to a different home to a different city or a country. Well, we assure you that being a reputed overseas removal company, we will provide you all possible assistance when it comes to moving homes. Read this blog to understand how a packing process takes place so that there is no confusion from your end.

And during the times we all are abiding by social distancing norms, it’s wise to be able to learn certain tips and tricks that will help us to do our own things.

Starting early

It’s best not to leave things for the last minute. Buy packing materials for each of the individual items with a lot of discretion and then begin the process.

Finish one room to move to the next

It’s best to take one room at a time. Finish packing individual bedrooms, move to the living room, and then go for the bathrooms separately. This way there won’t be any confusion and things will be more organised. Go for the kitchen the last.

It’s best to use cloths and rubber bands as you wrap up kitchen knives. Also, pay extra attention to the glassware. Use bubble wrap for fragile items always.

Declutter as you proceed

Decluttering is a useful practice in many walks of life. Even as the idea of moving develops, begin the process of discarding the non-essential items. And as you pack things, many such unwanted products or items come up. Discard them. If they are really good but not useful to you, keep them aside so that you can donate them later. Never make the mistake of packing them to be taken to your new house.

Labelling is a must

Labels are lifesavers and this is the absolute truth. The essence of this statement will be realised when you finally have to unpack in your new home. And, if you have not labelled properly, then you will be in a state of utter chaos. And with a label, it’s best to add a bit of detail as well, in order to do away with all possible confusions.

Pack boxes only to their capacity

If you overstuff a single box with extra things, there is always a chance that some of your things could get broken while in transit during a move. So, it’s best to have more number of boxes than less number of overpacked ones.

Heavy things only at the bottom

This is just common sense but with the stress of moving, you might forget this. So, make sure to put all heavy things at the bottom of the box as you are packing.

Essentials at a separate bag

There are many things in your home that may be small in size but very precious and important. For example, watches, jewellery, social identity cards etc. Place them in a separate bag beforehand and carry it with you so that there isn’t any confusion later.

So, hopefully, you are more equipped with the packing process, which is the most important element before a move. And for any help, we at Writer Relocations are there to solve all your queries.