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Tips to Choose a Corporate Relocation Service

With the onset of economic liberalization and globalization in India in 1991, many international companies started investing in the country. And now, more than 25 years later many Indian companies have offices in countries across the world. This change in economic conditions gave birth to international relocation companies in India. Some of these companies specialize in corporate relocation services.

Initially, the companies providing relocation services began with the basic packing and moving service. They would provide services to move office and home equipment. Nowadays, with the growth in this industry and rising competition, these companies are providing additional services such as selecting a home, selecting a school for children and so on. So, if you were to choose from one of the international relocation companies in India, the parameters today will be a lot different.

Tips to choose a reliable service provider

Insurance on belongings, testimonials from past clients, experience in international relocation especially in the intended destination country and a background check of the service provider, these are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a service provider.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right corporate relocation service company:

The good old checklist:

The initial step, even before researching international relocation companies in India, is to prepare a checklist of the employees’ requirements. Talk to your fellow employees, who are to be relocated, and understand their requirements. Prepare a detailed checklist of these requirements.

Multiple source shortlisting:

The best way to narrow down your list of corporate relocation service providers is to consult multiple sources. The fastest way to search for a relocation company is with the help of the internet. A simple search will give you hundreds of results. Try using relevant keywords to narrow down your search. For instance, instead of searching ‘corporate relocation companies’ use a keyword like ‘international corporate relocation company in Singapore’. Using specific keywords, such as the name of the intended destination will help you narrow your search. Ask for suggestion from peers. Nothing helps to make a decision than inputs from people we know. They will share their experiences and also bring up some aspects you may never have thought of.

Testimonials are a must:  

Once you have shortlisted a few corporate relocation companies make sure to get some customer testimonials. Look beyond the testimonials mentioned on the company website. Try and get real reviews. A thorough customer feedback will definitely help you select the right company. When selecting customers who have used the company’s services, check with the ones who availed the services five years back and the ones who availed the service recently. This will help you to see if the company has improved or deteriorated its services over time.

Price alone can’t decide: 

Don’t let price be the only deciding factor. The best services never come cheap. Check the overall package provided by the company. Compare it with your checklist and ensure all or most boxes are ticked off.


Research is very important whether you are trying to find a provider of corporate relocation services or one of the reputed international relocation companies in India.

Author Bio

Neha works for a corporate relocation service provider. She also writes blogs on how to select one of the reputed corporate or international relocation companies in India.