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Moving abroad is a very crucial decision for any individual and more so for women, especially if they are relocating alone. They have to overcome multiple challenges before they can safely settle to some other country effortlessly. With various factors to consider, like personal safety and suitable employment opportunities, shortlisting the best places is one of the most important elements of the move process. We, as one of the leading movers and packers, look for your well-being as you make new homes across overseas boundaries. We have listed down a few cities that can be considered perfect for women expats, in all possible ways.

New Zealand

Be it solo female travellers or those women who are hoping to move in there for a prosperous career move, New Zealand is a great country, be it safety concerns or the opportunities that are offered there. The people are friendly and there are multiple opportunities for outdoor activities. And the most important thing is that the place offers excellent and varied career opportunities. So, settling in New Zealand will be as effortless as possible.


A magical country with a rich history – that’s Ireland. A surreally beautiful country, Ireland is known for being friendly and hospitable to everyone. Women travellers and expats naturally find this country absolutely friendly and safe, in case they want to make it their home. Over the years, this country has made considerable improvements to be it in political or economic spheres. So, job options are also ample in this Irish land. One more notable feature is that life expectancy is higher for women in this country than men. A perfect country for women, won’t you agree! That’s why, a rich cultural heritage, gorgeous landscapes, and substantial career options, make this country one of the sought-after places to make a home.

The Philippines

The positives of living in this country effortlessly outweigh the negatives. This is why the Philippines is one of the most exciting as well as safe places for expat women. Filipinos are friendly and outgoing, and this makes the country one of the easy places to make a home.

The Philippines is often referred to as a country of strong women, mostly because of the female presence in most sectors, be it family units, haciendas, businesses, and government agencies. Settling in is easy in this country because most Filipinos are fluent in English. There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, you will have an excellent choice of sandy beaches to choose from!


Singapore is a country that is fast becoming a dream destination for career-focused young professionals all across the world. With plentiful job options, be it any sector, Singapore is safe and secure for everybody and certainly women. As one of the best international moving companies in the world, we have been helping single women relocate to Singapore over the years. With excellent opportunities to live life at its best, Singapore is often applauded for its efficiency. However, it can be difficult to get a visa to move to Singapore, since immigration policies are quite stringent there. But, in case one manages to get one, grab this opportunity and settle down in Singapore. One of the most comfortable places to live in, for expat women, in Asia, settling into a safe environment will be a cakewalk when you decide to move into Singapore.

It is important to consider all factors like income options, safety issues, and legal rights while moving to a new country. These factors will offer a real insight into the most suitable countries where you can relocate to as an expat woman.