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Most people move to a different country because of the monetary benefits that a relocation involves, along with the lure of a better life. However, leaving aside loved ones and venturing to an unknown place demands considerable grit and determination. So, the monetary compensation or the capacity to earn must be good enough when a person is relocating abroad. Different countries strive in specific industries based on their economy, climate, location, and population.

So, for anyone who is venturing to go abroad, and make a home away from his or her home, these are the countries that offer the highest salaries.

United Kingdom

Even though this country has its political turmoil to address when it comes to offering lucrative salaries, the United Kingdom is second to none. And not only the money component is high, but the perks involved are also amazing in this country. The country is among the top ten nations in highest pay structures, with managerial workers’ compensation hovering around £183,703 per annum.


The United States of America is referred to as the land of opportunity within the world. A vast country, USA is the thriving ground of various industries, which operate within its borders. Arguably, the USA is the country where almost the entire world wants to settle down. Regular workers in the United States can earn up to £44,903 every year, while managers have an earning potential of around £282,647.


France is a country that has never ceased to amaze people over the years. The history, heritage, beauty, growth of industries and many other factors have kept France ahead of many nations over the years. The salaries that are offered are extremely competitive, and a skilled professional in here has the potential to earn up to £28,826 each year.


A beautiful country offering amazing salaries to professionals – that’s Switzerland for you. No matter which might be your core industry, you are sure to experience a strong financial reward and that too consistently, for any effort that you might put in. Service professionals have the potential to earn almost double when salaries are compared to those that are offered in most other countries. Management professionals can fetch an annual salary of £319,192.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one country that offers one of the highest pay packages in the world. So, if you are keen to relocate in Asia, this is one country you cannot miss. Along with the chance of getting a contemporary living atmosphere, you stand a chance to earn a minimum of £33,316 annually and many times more with specific skill sets.

So, go out and make the most of your life and career as you relocate to a country that suits you the most in every possible way.