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Are you one of those who loves the thrill of exploring new lands? Do crossing over oceans and embracing the unknown give you a thrill that you wish to explore? Well, then you’re certainly the person who would want to relocate to a new city or a new country and take life as it comes.New York Times study shows that there are many industries that are ready to accept remote work these days. This generation has a lot more options to offer than before, in case you wish to assert yourself to be a self-proclaimed nomad. And, as social norms are transforming in this era, a lot more people are opting for that very life. We give you four employment opportunities, which would help you quench your wanderlust and explore life with a never-before-known zest.

Airline pilot

Well, it goes without saying that being an airline pilot gives one respect, social acceptability as well as the chance to explore the world as no other professions would allow. And, it is also a rewarding career if you look at the financial considerations as well. So, if you wish to relocate to a different country and discover the joys of newer living every now and then, this is one profession, you can seriously opt for. And, the good news is, according to a recent article in Reuters, there is always a surge in the demand for global pilots.

Within the airline industry, there are other opportunities that also give you relocation opportunities abroad and those are – hostesses, airline engineers, cabin crew members and ground stuff.

ESL teacher

English as a second language or better known as ESL teachers these days are in high demand not only in the home country but abroad as well. So, if you get the job of an ESL teacher, you can very conveniently, shift base to a foreign country and make it your home there. Relocation has a different thrill of its own. It is all about knowing new placing, learning the local language and understanding and accepting a whole new culture. The demand for ESL teachers is increasing in countries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan.


What was earlier considered a hobby is fast becoming a steady and extremely rewarding profession for the millennials of this era. Bloggers, who are also termed as digital nomads are the type who can earn a living working from their tabs or phones. Be it writing about international cuisines, wildlife photography, unravelling the beauty of different cultures to exploring political unrest in different countries, this new bunch of professionals can be anywhere in the world and be extremely productive. In fact, their work demands that they relocate to different countries of the world, in order to understand the place better and write from there.  These professionals apart from blogging, are also into website development, online advertising, social media and others.

This kind of job does not entail on you being self-employed always. You can, choose a field that would not want you within office premises 24/7 while you are working for another company. And in this age, this is becoming exceedingly popular.

Hospitality worker

The hospitality industry is huge with manifold opportunities that it offers to its employees when it comes to travel, go around the world and understand the thrills of exploring a completely new land. This industry, however, is a very board category, which includes, event planning, lodging, transportation, theme parks, cruise line and a few other fields that are within the tourism industry itself. Hotel groups, after all, are some the world’s biggest employers!

So, choose a profession you’re confident about and the one in which you are sure to contribute significantly. Your perseverance and commitment will surely make a difference. And, in case your heart is passionate about any of the above-mentioned fields, then there’s no stopping you when it comes to discovering newer countries. All the very best!