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As you move your home, never forget the essence of a home survey by consultation experts

Planning to move your home? You might be relocating to the next lane or another part of the world, the challenges of moving a home remain taxing enough. That’s why it’s best to be prepared from before and take the help of moving experts, who understand the nuances of relocation.

And, when you relocate to a new country, it’s a different ballgame altogether. Not only it is expensive, but there are also other considerations, like volume or weight, distance or shipping lane, port charges, destination costs, insurance, and others, that go into making an international relocation successful.


Online research is often the first step when you search for a complete relocation service provider. You can directly call the company or check their website for client reviews and testimonials. Instead of sending a consultant at home to discuss your needs, timing, special requirements and to view your items, there are some companies who will offer an estimate over the phone or online. So much easier, right? An online estimate is only what it is and can never substitute considered advice of a relocation consultant visiting your home to provide all the relevant information on what to expect during:

  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Delivery at the destination

The consultant will survey all your belongings to be transported and will advise on specialised packing for goods that require special care or attention. By virtue of a physical survey, the consultant is better equipped to calculate exact volumes to be transported and provide an accurate and detailed estimate.

Beware of phone or online international moving estimates. You’ll find that a few companies, either on the phone or online, will offer you the lowest cost just to hook you up and sign on the dotted line.

Be aware

If you are in the process of receiving quotes from companies who do not offer an in-person consultation or have not been to your home, it is prudent to go through the fine print on the international moving estimates in detail to understand if it answers the following:

• What if volume or weight exceeds estimate? Do they charge extra?

• Are port charges included in the estimate?

• Is it a room-to-room service?

• Do they assist with customs clearance?

• Does the estimate include normal customs fees?

• Does the company manage their own insurance?

• Do they have their registered office in the destination country?

• Are they using an agent? Then, you need to research on them also.

With the advent and prevalence of digital technology, accepting estimates online seem an easier, comfortable and time-saving option. Though an online estimate can appear timesaving in the long run it may result in inaccurate costs and cost escalations due to the physical survey and consultation not being availed. Sometimes, the cost escalations can run up to as much as twice or three times the offer that was signed and your goods being held hostage until the bill is paid.

Your destination might be anywhere, but keep in mind that if your shipment is over the size of the contents of one bedroom, you should have a consultant visit you in-person in your home. But before finalising anything, read carefully the fine print and ask questions if anything is unclear. But remember if there is a difference between the quotations that companies offer, then there usually is a reason for it.

So, opt for a relocation partner that has both the experience and expertise to carry on with the most crucial relocation services. Writer Relocation has over 75 years of experience in handling relocations of varied kinds and proportions. So use discretion before you finalise on anything.