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It’s the time of the world when we all are ridden by the dangers of a strange virus that is spreading like wildfire. We are implementing the best possible resources, techniques, and measures to contain the spread, yet it seems that nothing is good enough. But nothing beats human resilience and so we know that even though we are down, we aren’t beaten. Soon we will come up with a way to beat COVID-19 and emerge triumphant. And after this chaos, this instability, the pandemonium will subside, and many of us will seek for places that offer the best when it comes to the quality of life, a city that understands the human value and offers respect for all.

We are assuming you might be one person seeking such a solace. As an international removal company, we handle people moves globally. This experience has given us the insight to showcase three cities of the world that offer the best when it comes to the quality of life.


On a day that can be sunny, yet windless, Wellington is a sheer delight. Peaceful, calm, and soothing, with a Victorian architecture that laces bushy hillsides, life in Wellington resonates with native birdsong. Well, if it sounds poetic, it’s indeed so in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. The urbane culture doesn’t consume individuals but lets them breathe.

With much less congestion and cramming, in comparison with other cities, Wellington offers a respite of a different kind. And to add on to the amenities, there is a low crime rate and minimal pollution in the city. So, the work-life balance is excellent and allows individuals to find a breather and in the long run enjoy the work they are doing.


Draped by rocky hills that overlook the bluest sea, Edinburg offers a mystery that’s hard to resist. History, beauty, and an untold enigma get unmeshed in the very fiber of this city making it one of the most tempting ones to make a home in the world. Every nook and corner has a story to tell, every tune of the bagpiper tempts you to tap your feet, every corner evokes the urge in you to explore a bit more.

So, after a hard day’s work, if there is one city where you would want to sit back and relax, you got to choose Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.


Imperial palaces and baroque streetscapes define the artistic lanes and by-lanes of Vienna. Topping several polls as the friendliest city in the world, life is good in this capital city of Austria, Vienna. Often termed as a city of music, Vienna is the city of multicultural roots, which is also considered one of the most affordable in the world. So, if you are working in such a city, you will get an excellent work-life balance, because life after work will be so delightful that you will look forward to it every day.

So, wait for the crisis to subside, the madness to come to an end. When you decide to relocate, our specialists at Writer Relocations will help you move and settle in your new home in whichever city you want to.