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The coronavirus scare has gripped the world currently, but after a while, things won’t be so bad and soon enough you will be moving to new homes and relocating to newer cities, countries and continents. As one of the reliable overseas removal companies we will not only help you to move to a new home but adjust to the life there. We understand moving to a new country and settling in there requires tenacity of a different dimension. It’s about embracing a whole new culture and understanding life’s nuances from a completely different angle.

There are different mannerisms, gestures or words that have a completely altered derivation across the nations of the world. You need to know and understand them or else you can be subject to a lot of irate reactions leading to many confusions in your day-to-day existence in the new country.

  • For example, the thumbs-up gesture that is widely recognised as a sign of approval or agreement is considered insulting in Bangladesh. And in some Middle Eastern countries, thumbs-up is most definitely an association with being offensive. Sounds strange but it’s true.
  • Even behaviour patterns also differ. For example, it’s okay in India or even in the West to tell someone that you are in a hurry and have a prior appointment. In fact, it’s appreciated since it shows punctuality. But in the Middle East, it’s considered a rude gesture.
  • When it comes to greetings, they also can confuse people overall. People from the West opt for a handshake or hug, while their eastern counterparts might deem such gestures as too obtrusive and prefer just a namaste.
  • And language baffles too. There are certain words that sound exactly the same but can have completely altered meanings. For example, in Scandinavia, the word ‘gift’ could be used to mean getting married, and it’s derived from Old English that convey the essence of wedding gifts or dowries. And the same word gift means poison in German, and a present in a celebratory occasion in modern English.

So, when you relocate to a new country it’s very normal for you to falter, it’s easy to make a mistake. That is why we at Writer Relocations, as your move partner, is with you at every step of the way to help you ease out these inconstancies. As one of the best international moving companies, we have experts who will help you start living and socialising in your new relocated country. Our specialists will offer language training, cultural integration classes and settling in and orientation programmes, which will give you the necessary insights that will help you get a firm footing in the new country.

And, well, if Richard Nixon could falter, it’s easy for you to make mistakes as well. Isn’t it? In most of the English-speaking world, the gesture symbolising okay is very much acceptable. But not so in Brazil. So, when in the 1950s the former US President visited Brazil and flashed the “Okay” to a huge crowd, it was responded with boos from everyone!

That’s why you need us, Writer Relocations, to prepare you to face every challenge in your relocation process.