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A lot of Indian students move to the US for higher studies and settle down there when they get a job. Many professionals move there for better job opportunities.

While Indians moving to the US has been a trend for the longest time, the last few years have seen a lot of Indians moving back from USA.

Students choose to find a job in their own country after getting a degree from an American university. Professionals are returning back to their own country, to be with their families, after working in USA for a few years.

Since India has been developing so rapidly, there has also been a rise in the number of expats moving to India.

Are you moving back to India? Moving to India to be close to your family? Or are you an expat moving to India for work?

Whether you are moving from New York to New Delhi, Chicago to Mumbai or from anywhere in the US to a city in India, here are four useful articles that will make your international relocation a breeze.

1. 8 ways to overcome culture shock when moving to a foreign land

If you’ve never lived in India and are moving here for the first time, you are sure to experience culture shock. If you’re moving back after a long time, you’re bound to experience reverse culture shock.

Either way, if you’re moving to another country, adjusting to the new lifestyle will certainly take time. To help make the move simpler, we’ve put together 8 simple tips you could use to overcome culture shock.

2. Essential tips for expats living in India

Life in India is very different from that in America. India is known for its varied culture and traditions which are quite different from those in the West. This might seem overwhelming at first. But once they settle down, living in India can indeed be a memorable experience.

To help you learn about life in India, we’ve put together an article with essential tips for expats living in India.

You can also read our detailed destination guide for moving to, and living in India.

3. Essential resources for expats moving to India from USA

Planning a move from USA to India isn’t easy. Ideally, you should start preparing for it six weeks in advance. But with so many things to look after, it is possible to lose sight of what’s important. To ensure a stress-free move, it is also important to prioritise your tasks well.

To help you plan your USA to India move without stress, here are the only 5 things you need.

4. How to have an amazing first week after moving to Mumbai from Chicago

Are you moving to Mumbai from Chicago? Are you an expat moving to Mumbai for the first time? Or an NRI returning home?

The first week after moving to a new place is always the toughest. With all the changes in your life, you are bound to get homesick.

How do you deal with this without letting it effect you too much? How can you have an amazing first week in India after moving from USA?

If you’ve just moved to Mumbai from Chicago, here’s an article that will ensure you have an amazing first week.

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