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Are you an expat planning to move to India?

Moving to a foreign country might sound exciting. Whether you are relocating for work or shifting to a foreign land with your family for a better life, it is going to be a huge step.

Life in India is very different from that in other parts of the world. Even Indians moving within the country sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to the culture and lifestyle of the new city. For expats, living in India is going to be a completely different experience.

To help you adjust to the change efficiently, we’ve curated a list of all important things expats need to know when moving to India.

1. Mumbai

It is one of the largest and most developed cities in India. A large number of expats move to Mumbai each year for work. Warming up to Mumbai will certainly take some time, but once you are over the initial culture shock, expats usually enjoy living in the city. Find out more about life of expats living in Mumbai in our detailed guide.

2. Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India. It is also the most populated city. Expats moving to India experience culture shock initially, but when it’s time to leave, they often miss their time here. Read more about life of expats in Delhi in our destination guide.

3. Chennai

Chennai is one of the safest cities in India to live in. It is the automobile hub of India. This is what attracts Indians as well as expats to this city. Communicating with the locals can be a problem initially since not many people speak English.

Once you are over the initial culture shock, expats usually enjoy living in Chennai.

4. Pune

Pune is the educational hub of India. Expats working in the field of education usually move to Pune for better career opportunities. It is also emerging as the IT hub of the country. Expats living in Pune are usually from USA, UK, Germany, France, etc. Find out more about life of expats in Pune in our destination guide.

5. Bangalore

Bangalore is the technology hub of India. It is one of the fastest growing cities. It is also said to be the most dynamic city in the world to live in.

Living in Bangalore, expats get a chance to mingle with people from various religious and cultural backgrounds. Learn more about life of expats in Bangalore here.

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