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You’ve been preparing for your home move for a while. You’ve done everything right. Hired the best movers and packers around. Everything seems in order.

But wait!

You suddenly hear that a natural disaster, like a hurricane or a windstorm has been predicated around the day of your move. What if it hits on the day of your move?

Nature can be quite unpredictable. And there is no way to know anything for sure.

How do you deal with a situation like this?

Relocation experts believe that the best thing to do is let your relocation agency handle the situation, since they are better equipped to manage it.

1. Keep calm

Do not panic. It’ll only make things worse. Just relax and breath.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this. There is no point rushing things. Don’t worry because you are unable to vacant your current house or reach the new place on time. Everyone else has been affected by the disaster, too.

2. Talk to your relocation company

Call your moving company to discuss what can be done. If they’ve already packed your things they’ll tell you if anything needs to be done to avoid damage.

Also talk to your current and future landlord to tell them about any change in your plans.

3. Keep your important documents safe

Take special care of your bills, records, passport, visa, travel tickets and any receipts given by your relocation agency. Lost or damaged documents will only make things difficult.

4. Check your insurance coverage

Has your moving company provided you with an insurance? What happens if your belongings at the relocation company’s storehouse gets damaged? Read the insurance policy carefully and find out what it covers.

5. If needed, change your moving date

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, decide if changing the moving date would be a better idea. If a natural disaster has been predicted and your moving agency can accommodate, would it be a wise idea to move sooner? Or would it help if you push the date forward?

Discuss with your family first, and ask your moving company for advice.

When planning a move, nobody expects or desires a situation like this. But it is always best to educate yourself about how to deal with such emergencies.

At Writer Relocations, we always ensure that our moving team and our customers are prepared for unforeseen emergencies.

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