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Human beings relocate from their known environs to a completely whole new place for several reasons. It can be professional commitments, educational opportunities, or just a quest to have a better life, away from the familiar surroundings. Now people might not be relocating as much as they would want to because of the threat of this novel coronavirus. But this threat will not continue forever and soon people would want to go to places and make new homes and have better lives. And before relocating to another country, it good to know beforehand about the countries with wonderful weather conditions. As one of the leading international relocation companies, offering immigrating and destination services to customers, we recommend a few countries with excellent weather conditions.


A country that gets an abundance of sun and sea, this third largest island in the Mediterranean region is a wonderful place to be in. There is never much fluctuation in temperature with residents getting to enjoy a maximum of 25°C, as the daily average.

The economy of the country is also flourishing so there is no dearth of job opportunities and the country is also home to a number of ancient sites, so it offers a variety of flavours to be cherished for the citizens.


One of the most developed nations of the world, with job opportunities galore, this island country offers the most spectacular year-long climate to the residents. There is also a great work-life balance in Australia with beaches offering some of the fascinating water sports options. The temperature is pleasant and bearable, and never exceeding 30°C.

Beyond this warm weather, there are also an incredible number of locations down under – the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, the Sydney Opera House, and plenty of others.

Cape Verde

Located just off the coast of West Africa, this country is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and, boasts of an excellent climate. With temperatures never exceeding 25°C year-round, Cape Verde is one location you can relocate to after the threat of coronavirus gets over and plan to make your home.

Costa Rica

It is said that people often visit Costa Rica as travellers and end up settling there, mostly because of its exceptional weather, friendliness of the locals, a great work-life balance that the country offers and opportunities to build up careers. Home to a unique tropical landscape, the temperatures in this country reach an average of 28°C even in the months that are hottest and only falls by 2°C in January, which apparently is its coldest month. Costa Rica’s popularity is well-known, and the country recently reached the 12th position amongst the best countries to live in, as published in an expat magazine survey.

So, make your plans, do detailed research and when you make up your mind to relocate, Writer Relocations, is one destination service provider, you can count upon.