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Assignment to a new country on an office project involves multiple challenges. It’s taxing to travel alone, but if you are doing so with your family and children, then it’s a whole new ball game altogether.

With more than 65 years of experience, Writer Relocations, the most renowned international moving company, has the knowledge and expertise to handle any and every move journey, making the process stress-free for you to a great extent.

Here are a few tips for you when you’re relocating to a new city with your own kids. We help you in finding the best schools for your children.

1. Be prompt

The moment you get confirmed news about your assignment in an international location, begin the school search process with your relocation services partner. After you shortlist a handful, do not delay in submitting the application in all of them. Schools have different admission criteria and so it’s best to begin the process as soon as possible.

2. Do thorough research

Read up online as much as possible about the good schools in the area where you are planning to relocate. Conduct a detailed and comprehensive online research when it comes to the academic credibility of the institutions, the extracurriculars offered there, the affiliations and accreditations, and if the concerned schools provide good sports opportunities as well.

3. Keep choices at hand

You need not apply to only the top schools in an area. Assignees shouldn’t just apply to one school because many factors go into an admission process. So, it’s better to have multiple choices at hand as a contingency provision.

4. Be sure with the dates

Depending on the pattern of how the academic year runs in the specific countries, the time of the year a school application is made, and then further processed, may impact the availability concerns of seats in schools. However, seat availability is never a major issue with certain institutions, and they will accept children whatever the time of year it might be.

5. Consider the commute

The quality of academics is always the primary concern when it comes to choosing the right school. However, the location of the facility should be a consideration, too, with respect to the place of residence and the workplace of the parent.

Being one of the major international relocation services companies, with experience of being a destination service provider to relocate families, we know for sure that it’s best if schools aren’t too far away. Commute time is considerably saved mostly because traffic congestion is, unfortunately, a big issue during peak periods in major cities across the world.

6. Let the children have a say, too

In case the children aren’t too young, it makes sense if their opinions are also taken into consideration before determining which school to opt for. So, let it be a consolidated decision.

We at Writer Relocations help families move to their desired destinations worldwide. We do have the sensibility to understand how crucial it is for families to find comprehensive support throughout the entire move process. After all, it isn’t just moving from point A to B, but settling in there amicably as well.

This is why we have chalked out our destination services and school search service in such a manner that assignees and their family members do not face major hiccups after an international move. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your domestic relocation with your family.