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The Vaccine Passport and Travel during COVID-19

With the different COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out around the world, there is a sense of hope and urgency to steer life back to normalcy.

Businesses have already resumed operations internationally and expat relocation is on the rise. So, a vaccine passport is the need of the hour, when people want to immigrate to a new country or even wish to go on a holiday.

What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is an app that holds a user’s verifiable vaccination credentials to officially certify that the person in question has already been vaccinated.

This digital vaccination document will work like a passport to visit other countries and gain access to other places in that country like offices, theatres, restaurants. It will also enable the holder to use public transport and other facilities.

How does a vaccine passport work?

Essentially, the app lets the individual produce a scannable QR code that would correspond to their COVID credentials, such as the recovery status of those who had contracted the virus, the latest test result and vaccination status.

Only after scanning the digital credentials will the individual be allowed entry into certain premises that had been off-limits because of the pandemic.

After your records are verified, airline officials and immigration supervisors could assess your inoculation status after analysing the type of the vaccine administered. This would help authorities to understand the efficacy of the vaccine given and the health condition of the individual so they can act accordingly.

What are the benefits of a vaccine passport?

At the early stages of implementation, a vaccine passport offers the following benefits:

  • No need to verify the vaccination status of individuals manually
  • No need to find out the type and efficacy of the vaccine administered separately
  • Helps individuals to understand the vaccination requirements of specific destinations

Vaccine passports around the world

Countries around the world are coming up with their distinctive versions of the vaccine passport. Some have officially implemented this practice while it remains to be done for many.

Let’s go over the way various locations are considering the use of this app.

European Union

The European Union is opting to use a COVID Card (aka Digital Green Certificate) among its 27-member states and countries of the European Economic Area. This is a crucial step in the direction towards reopening international borders.

The EU COVID Card will have elements attesting to the following information about each cardholder:

  • The brand of vaccine that was administered
  • The results of the COVID test
  • Any details if the cardholder had tested positive in the past

United States of America

A single U.S. vaccine passport that may be implemented all across the country is not available as of now.

The chances of that being available are also quite remote. Meantime, only New Yorkers can provide a particular code on their cell phone or a printout as proof of their vaccination status or medical report on COVID-19, in case they were infected previously.

United Kingdom

The UK government has confirmed that a certification system on a person’s COVID status is being developed.

A trial period will be run, where this system will be implemented at several events to assess if a large-scale function can be organised in a closed setting without the need to practise social distancing norms. The results will then be assessed to come up with an extensive report.

United Arab Emirates

Emiratis are eligible to download their vaccination card on the Al Hosn app. This itself will be treated as the UAE’s national COVID vaccine registry.

The card would show complete details of individuals’ vaccination status 28 days after receiving their second dose. To gain access to venues like offices, theatres, restaurants, gardens, and other public places, Emiratis would be required to carry their vaccine cards at all times.


Currently, India hasn’t launched a digital vaccine certificate yet. The vaccination drive is at its various stages and once things are in a consolidated state, they can opt for a vaccine passport system and put it in place.

Possible problems with vaccine passports

However, there still remains certain concerns when it comes to vaccine passports.

  • Even vaccinated individuals can transmit the virus to others.
  • The lives of the local people can be endangered through transmission from outsiders.
  • The vaccine does not provide any guarantee of protection against new variants of the virus.
  • Even after getting vaccinated, the duration of one’s immunity is uncertain.
  • This application will create a bias between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
  • Sometimes, vaccination is not possible due to some serious medical conditions, pregnancy or even financial constraints.

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