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Top Asian Cities that Millennials Like

In a society where the entire world is turning into a global village, the millennials are getting increasing opportunities to choose the city they want to work in and earn their livelihood. In such a scenario, as the Asian region is fast developing in terms of the educational opportunities, tech advancements, and outstanding economic growths it is offering, the continent is fast becoming a hub with the millennials. And probably that’s why, over 58% of the millennials in the world, people between 20 and 38 years have made Asia their home.

Be it a good work/life balance, housing that is affordable, and career prospects which can be diverse, satisfying as well as well-paying, Asia offers all, so it is no surprise that the region has been receiving a steady stream of millennials for some years now. The World Economic Forum has shown that four out of five millennials are willing to relocate internationally. So, let us see what are the top three Asian cities that might be great fits for the young crowd.

Hong Kong

A country with an excellent job market, Hong Kong is known for offering incredible career progressions to individuals in both start-ups and corporate profiles in huge multinational and transnational companies. And along with avenues of how careers can be boosted, Hong Kong offers opportunities of exciting and modern lifestyles. No wonder, millennials are keen to make this city their home quite extensively. The cost of living is high in this city but that is often compensated by the well-paying salary that the city offers.


Singapore’s strong economy over the years has been providing excellent job opportunities for young people. The city-state boasted of the highest GDP per capita (S$79,000) along with the second-lowest unemployment rates of 2.2% total, 3.96% for youth. Singapore also had the lowest gender wage gap. And to top it all, Singapore’s pollution levels are comparatively way lower than those of the other countries of the world, 4th and it is considered the second-most safe country in the world. All these factors make it the ideal place to build a home.


Tokyo is one city that has been a favourite with the young population for years now. The city has an incredible balance between a formidable economy, decent cost of living and excellent living environment. No wonder, the country’s unemployment rate is only 2.5% and GDP per capita is quite competitive and among the highest in the world, at about S$53,000. Another good thing is that in this city, the residents spend around 27% of their income on rent, which is much less when compared to other cities, at about 27%. This city also ranked well when it comes to low pollution and safety. All these make it the perfect destination for the expat population.