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Listing the Most Pet-Friendly Countries

Most pet owners are aware that going to different places with the canine members of their family is no mean task because not everyone is comfortable in their company. In most countries, there are restrictions when it comes to allowing pups inside restaurants, theatres, hotels, auditoriums and many other public places. So, in case you have a pet and planning on an International relocation, take a look at these countries that have earned the names of being the most pet friendly all across the globe.  


  1. France: France is one country that is known for very lenient dog policies. A report in the Telegraph read, “even the most palatial chateaux will be happy to welcome your dog, either free of charge or for a small supplement.” And one small piece of information that will surely exhilarate any dog lover is that, in France, pups find their own seats at tables even in certain restaurants.  
  2. Switzerland: If you are a person who’s compassionate with animals, and planning on an overseas movingwith your own pet, then you will be happy to know that the Swiss have a very high regard for dogs. In fact, before bringing in a pup home, the first-time owners are encouraged to join a training programme.So, it comes as no surprise that in such a country, dogs are treated with utmost dignity.  In fact, the country is known as ‘an oasis for animals’. As one Swiss dog mom wrote, “Nearly every restaurant I’ve been inside makes a real effort to accommodate us. The offer of dog water as soon as we sit down is no longer a surprise to me.”
  3. Canada: Are you planning to venture to a country like Canada and have a pet with you? If, that’s the case then, you shall be glad to know that the well-known Canadian hospitality is extended out to humans and pups alike. Vancouver has eight dog-friendly beaches and a pet-friendly ski resort, and Calgary offers more off-leash spaces than most other cities of the world.
  4. Germany: Germany is often cited as the nation other countries must look up to as an example of how to humanely treat stray animals. The country strictly follows a no-kill policy, and Berlin is home to the largest animal sanctuary in the entire European continent, which houses nearly 2,000 animals (horses included). As writer Michael Barmish said: “Dogs are a very important part of daily life in Germany and, as such, are treated with respect as any family member would be.”

So, if you are planning to venture abroad with your pet, all you need to do is get in touch with relocation companies in India and know which are the countries of the world that are the friendliest to your furry four-pawed members of your family.

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