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Plan Your Office Move Amid COVID-19

These are the times of COVID-19 – a time when the scare of coronavirus has encapsulated our lives. And we are left abiding by safety measures and trying to practice social distancing as much as possible. But as we all slowly try to resume our businesses, we have to understand that things have changed at least for some time now, in the way we function, think, and continue to operate.

The norm is to now adopt the digital medium as far as possible. In this scenario, many of you might want to shift your businesses into a smaller working space because a big space isn’t a requirement anymore or one where you can abide by sanitisation measures more stringently. Some of you might want to let a section of your employees work from home for a consolidated span, at least as of now. This calls for an office relocation so that you can continue with your business unhindered.

Now many people associate office relocation with interrupted services, misplaced mail, distracted staff, and always a sense of chaos. And now during the COVID-19 situation, there is a sense of fear everywhere. So, office relocation also has to abide by the sanitisation and cleaning measures. Well, you need not worry if you take the assistance of corporate relocation service providers like Writer Relocations for office moves.

We assure you that relocating offices with experts doesn’t lead to impacting your business activities adversely if only a few simple tips are followed.

Making a smart plan sticking to it

Planning your move in a calculated way will make sure the process is executed smoothly and downtime is kept to a bare minimum.

First chalk out the specifics of how long you have to move and then create a timeline for making sure all the necessary tasks have been done. But do make a realistic plan and more so because it’s the COVID situation.

Hire professional office movers and packers

A task of such importance needs to be handled by experts who know it best. And, it’s more cost-efficient to hire professional movers in the long run.

Expert relocation providers like Writer Relocations help you devise an achievable plan of attack, pack up your office machinery and equipment, and move them to your new premises and even install back the machinery that had been uninstalled in the first place. This way there is minimal risk of damage to your equipment and machinery. This is an essential element in ensuring business productivity isn’t hampered in any which way after an office relocation.

Announce the move beforehand

It makes sense to maintain transparency in office and tell everyone starting from the employees to the suppliers and service providers about the relocation process so that there is no confusion later on. Remember, it’s just a shift in premises and not your business commitment.

Update the address change on your website as well as all the online directories. Even sending newsletters to your customer base about the change in office address is a good idea. Make the announcements on your social media channels as well.

So, all the best for your office move. We at Writer Relocations take care of all possible measures to ensure your office move can be executed seamlessly. Right from tracking the health of the crew, packing material sanitisation, regular disinfection of vehicles and inventories, we do it all to ensure we prevent the spread of the virus in all possible ways.