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Over the last few years, the relocation industry in India has seen a terrible rise in the number of fake moving companies.

The strategy by the wannabe companies is simple.

Pretend that you’re a famous brand name in the moving industry that customers are familiar with, or have heard of. Make a website where the famous name, or some elements of the name, are included. Then advertise, draw traffic, and leads.

The problem with this is that only the name of the packers and movers is similar to that of the famous brand. The processes and quality are rarely so.

From your point of view, the service looks much cheaper, or even more affordable. When the unscrupulous packers and movers fail to deliver, or cause damage to your articles, you complain online. It’s probably then that many of you realize that you have been fooled, and tricked by the removal company. By then it’s too late.

This is why when you choose a Moving Company ensure that you are not opting for a fake one.

Here are 5 essential things you must ALWAYS look for before selecting a moving agency

1. Don’t choose a mover who only offers you a low price

Relocation is not necessarily cheap. Opting for cheap movers to save money isn’t a wise idea.

While movers might promise to move your household goods at rates cheaper than others, remember that you will finally get what you pay for.

Poor packing, negligence in transporting, and inexperience in logistics, form a deadly cocktail. You will finally end up with delays, loss of your precious articles, and damaged items.

When you add the price of all this to your moving costs you will get the true costs of your home shifting. You would be wise to at least consider this aspect before you choose the mover.

2. Look for reviews online

Before trusting a mover with your precious goods, it is always best to see what others who have already moved with them have to say about their experience.

Always look for testimonials from customers on their website and review sites. Check on the following websites.

Don’t just settle for online reviews as this could be doctored. Insist on 3 customer references from the mover. Speak with the customers and ask them about their moving experience.

3. Look for these accreditations

Accreditations ensure that the movers adhere to acceptable, ethical standards, in the moving industry. Verify the accreditations on the mover’s website, FIDIOMNI and The International Association of Movers.



4. Ask for insurance protection

Most packers and movers do offer insurance as part of the deal but don’t assume this is always the case.

If your movers don’t, always insist on insurance. You don’t want to be left helpless if your goods do get damaged, or stolen in transit, do you?

5. Read the fine print in the contract carefully

This might sound obvious, but this is one of the biggest mistake most customers make. Read the contract carefully before you sign it.

Make sure everything the movers promise is written in the contract. Double check all the dates, insurance details, and the final amount that you have to pay.

Doing this will save you a lot of grief later.

Writer Relocations too has its fair share of imitators.

There are many movers out there who wish to ride on the pedigree and reputation of India’s oldest and most famous moving company.

To help customers distinguish a genuine Writer Relocations company from a fake one, here’s what you must ALWAYS look for when moving with Writer Relocations.

Our official name is Writer Relocations

The official name of our company is Writer Relocations.

We’re also referred to as PN Writer & Co by our customers. We are part of a larger entity called Writer Corporation.

How to recognise the Official Writer Relocation Brand URLs & Symbols


More specifically, Writer Relocations is a 63 year-old packers and movers brand from India. For a long time, we were known as PN Writer & Co Ltd, till our name changed to the current Writer Relocations.

PN Writer & Co Ltd, by the way was established in 1947, and was bought over in 1953, by the founders of the current Writer Corporation.

Meet the gold standard in international moving

As one of India’s oldest moving and packing companies, Writer Relocations has spawned its fair share of imitators.

While it’s always flattering to have companies imitate us, it becomes very disconcerting when companies use our name, brand pedigree, and try to pass off as us.

After all, we follow the ethical processes, strict quality control standards, and customer satisfaction benchmarks laid down by some of the best international moving associations. We have set the gold standard for moving in India.

This quality may not be available to you in the same spirit and standards with any of the “wannabe Writer” companies. Read the reviews by our customers.

In 63 years, Writer Relocations has moved 500,000 folks just like you to over 190 nations.

This means that you can rest assured when you do business with Writer Relocations. What’s more, we’re part of a group that’s a leader in all its businesses.

Writer Relocations is fully seized of the task ofprotecting its brand name. It’s an ongoing process.

We want you to know that the legal means of getting other companies to stop using variations of the Writer name is very convoluted and long drawn.

While we are doing this at our end, you need to know very clearly which moving company you’re dealing with so that any grief associated with it is always brought to the right door.

Learn about the brands passing off as Writer Relocations.

While we’re happy to be known by many names, we want you to know that the following companies are not related in any manner to Writer Relocations. These companies are riding on the goodwill and pedigree of the Writer brand.

If you do business with these companies, you do so at your own risk. Remember that this is not Writer Relocations.


Packers and Movers in India| Writer Relocations


Packers and Movers in India| Writer Relocations

Packers and Movers in India| Writer Relocations


Packers and Movers in India| Writer Relocations

Packers and Movers in India| Writer Relocations


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Have you ever come across fake movers and packers? How did you deal with it? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

Writer Relocations cares for its customers. If you come across fake movers pretending to be Writer Relocations, report them here.