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Adjusting to life in a foreign land isn’t easy. Getting used to the new customs and traditions takes time.

While there is no sure-shot way to avoid experiencing culture shock when moving to a new country, it is always better to educate yourself about the place you are moving to. This helps you get an idea of what you are signing up for.

Are you planning to move to the Gulf? To help you adjust to your new surroundings better, here are all the important things expats you need to know.

1. Moving to Bahrain for Work?

While expats get used to the life and culture in Bahrain pretty quickly, they usually have a very difficult time getting used to the ‘Bahraini time’. Bahraini time, according to the locals, is their unbeatable habit of reaching everywhere late. If you have an appointment with someone at 11am, be prepared to have the meeting start only by 1pm.

Bahrain offers a great mix of a well-developed, westernized country with a touch of the Arab culture. Find out more about moving to and living in Bahrain in our detailed guide.

2. Relocating to Dubai?

Dubai is synonyms with tall buildings and expensive luxury cars. But there’s more to this amazing city than just that. Dubai is a very modern and rapidly developing country. It is one of the safest cities in the Middle East with 0% crime rate.

Expats have little to worry about when moving to this city as 83% of the city’s population are immigrants.

This is what attracts expats to this city in the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about life of expats living in Dubai in our detailed guide.

3. Shifting to Oman With Family?

Muscat is the capital of Oman. It is also the most populated city in the country. Oman, being a desert, has hot and arid climate for most of the year. The best time for someone visiting Oman is during the winters. Oman is one of the safest countries in the world. Close to 43% of Oman’s population are expats. This makes it quite easy for expats to make friends and adjust to life here.

Read more about expats’ life in Muscat, Oman in our destination guide.

4. Moving to Kuwait?

Kuwait is a semi-democratic country. Expats moving to Kuwait are usually from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The primary reason why people move to Kuwait is for better work opportunities. The currency of Kuwait is the highest valued in the world. This is what attracts expats to Kuwait.

Kuwait has a very low crime rate, but it is still advisable to be extra careful when out and alone, especially during the night. Women must be extra careful about their surroundings and who they are going out with.

The government of Kuwait offers free education, housing and healthcare to the citizens of the country. Expats aren’t entitled to any of this. But they do get access to world-class health care facilities. Expats usually send their children to an international school in Kuwait instead of a local one.

Read more here, about life of expats in Kuwait in our destination guide.

5. Relocating to Qatar With Family?

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. People living in Qatar are the second highest earners in the world. Qatar is one of the leading producer of Liquid Nitrogen Gas, which is where the country generates its maximum revenue from.

Migrants working in Qatar face several issues, but that doesn’t deter people from moving to Qatar. Immigrants make up for 90% of the country’s population.

Read more about life of expats in Qatar in our comprehensive guide.

Moving to a foreign land can be a huge step for you and your family. Finding packers and movers who can move your precious belongs without any damage is one of the biggest concerns for people moving long-distance.

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