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When you’re planning an international move, or getting ready to head back home after your stint in a location is over, your mind is mostly focused on three major aspects of the relocation process:

  • Removal of the household goods
  • Searching for places to live in the new destination
  • Understanding and settling down in a foreign location or back home

In this process, what’s often overlooked are the small but very crucial tasks that are essential to check off the list before you depart from your current location.

As one of the leading international removal companies, Writer Relocations has seen that these small things can often become quite taxing for you to complete all by yourself. These things can be as small as closing down your internet and cable TV subscriptions, notifying the utility companies, getting your kids’ transcripts for initiating the transfer process to a new school, booking cleaning services of the house, arranging for your pets as you pack your household goods – well, the list is actually never-ending.

However, you need not have sleepless nights fretting about these. As a part of our Departure Services, we will provide assistance in resolving all of these issues for you.

The support we provide

We have our own professional relocation consultants who will take care of these necessary tasks for you. As per your time and convenience, they will have a meeting with you to understand what pending chores are left for you to finish, and will also offer valuable suggestions on other aspects that you might not have thought of earlier.

They will then chalk out a detailed plan and help you set up meetings to finally close or suspend accounts. If needed, or if you are pressed for time, our consultants can even close these accounts for you in your absence, if you give prior permission for the same.

Given below are the most common responsibilities that you can expect relocation consultants to execute as part of departure service assistance from professional service providers:

  • Giving the leave notice to your landlord
  • Informing the school and initiating a Transfer Certificate
  • Transferring or closing utility accounts
  • Closing your existing bank accounts in the city
  • Closing memberships from places like sports clubs, gyms or others
  • Clearing all your subscriptions and pending bills
  • Closing your phone plan or looking for a more reasonable international plan
  • Checking your house for repairs that need to be made before you can hand it back to the landlord
  • Negotiating the return of your rental security deposit from your landlord
  • Handling any insurance claims as part of your property handover

So, before you plan a move, discuss with your relocation consultant how to go about organising your departure services. For more than 65 years, Writer Relocations has been helping people to move across international borders seamlessly. Our Departure Service Assistance is noteworthy and it has helped many of our clients considerably as well.