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The right sanitisation methods and precautionary measures rooted in common sense can help fight the COVID-19 infection.

But during these difficult times, moving home is not the easiest of things to do, and during a global pandemic, it can become an ordeal for sure.

So, what’s to be done? Do people need to screen all their stuff through an ultraviolet tunnel, or maybe spray litres of sanitising solutions or disinfectants on their household goods to ward off the virus?

Well, probably not.

The correct sanitisation methods and the basic preventive measures are more than enough to avert the spread of the infection. Being one of the leading global removal companies, we at Writer Relocations are responsible enough to understand the severity of the COVID-19 situation and take the right steps to ensure that our customers’ goods are sanitised well and are safe during a move.

A lot has been said about the transmission of the virus. So by now, we know that it happens through close contact with an already infected person, mostly via respiratory droplets while coughing, breathing, sneezing or even speaking. And as we all are already aware, the virus tends to remain live or active for hours or even days at a stretch, depending on the types of different surfaces and materials.

This is why it is a prerequisite to clean and disinfect all the surfaces in your house, in a bid to remain safe, and more so during a move.

So, for your convenience, we discuss a few easy and practical tips that will help you in your sanitisation processes during a move.

1. Get the right cleaning supplies.

The disinfectants that you use while cleaning surfaces as well as your goods are of critical importance. The concentration of the liquids, as well as the contact time, are of vital importance. Pay heed to that with proper discretion.

There are other factors as well, like product stability, toxicity or ease. Make sure to consider them well too before the cleaning procedure.

Hypochlorite-based products display a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and can become extremely effective against several common pathogens at various concentrations.

2. Detect and sanitise the most-touched surfaces.

Certain surfaces are usually touched the most, like handles of doors and windows, the touchscreen of personal devices, work surfaces, toilet areas, and a few others. Identify them and use disinfectants in the right concentration to deep-clean the areas.

It is advisable to disinfect these areas first before deep-cleaning the entire home.

3. Protect yourself and others.

It is recommended that everyone should wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible as this can be a resistant factor against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Even sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol can help to avoid spreading germs to others.

During a move, keep soaps and sanitisers within easy reach as people from the family, as well as the movers, might need to frequently use them and clean their hands.

4. Keep the doors open.

It’s best to avoid the most frequently touched surfaces, and doorknobs and keys would be most in use if doors are locked and unlocked multiple times during a move. It’s best to keep the doors open so that you stay away from harm’s way.

As the professional movers and packers’ crew bring and place cartons inside as well as outside the house, it’s easy to prevent them from touching items and surfaces, like doorknobs and keys, if the doors are kept open throughout the move.

Managing a move becomes easier if the standard pandemic protocols are followed, social distancing is practised, and sanitisation norms are abided by.

So, set aside the fears and get ready for a well-protected move even during the time of COVID-19.


Moving During the Pandemic: Practical Sanitization Tips | WR

Praful Gupta: Head – Commercial and Asset Mobility

Author Bio: Praful Gupta is PMI certified Project Management Professional who heads the Commercial and Asset mobility practice at Writer Relocations. He has a rich and diverse experience in designing and implementing solutions driven by customer issues, technology and compliance in buildings, industries and large production facilities. Over the past 10+ years he has worked in organisations of a diverse set of trade including Energy Optimisation, Automation, Pharmaceutical Process Consultation, Logistics planning and Programme Management. As a business leader he currently handles all major B2B customer engagements and specialty move projects for domestic and international logistics.