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Moving homes is a tedious process. It takes a lot of planning and preparations to make sure you don’t land yourself in unnecessary trouble on the moving day.


Shifting homes gets especially difficult if you are moving with pets. Cats, especially, can get very cranky during a move. Cats are very sensitive to the place at which they eat, the place where they stroll or play around and also the place where they sleep. A sudden change in routine can put them in a state of turmoil.

If moving can make us totally disoriented, imagine what your cat must be going through. The best way to deal with a situation like this, is to prepare your cat for the move.

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Here are 10 simple tips to make moving with your cat simpler

Before the Move

1. Train your cat to sit in the carrier for long hours

Most of the people only use carriers when they want to take their cat to the vet. Cats know this and hence, aren’t comfortable with carriers. Try and make it a friendly place for cats by feeding them near or inside the carrier. You can also place a clean towel inside the carrier so that your cat can sleep in it.

2. Visit a veterinarian

Many airlines ask for health certificates which you’ll get at the vet. Also, finish giving any pending shots, as it’s going to take a while till you visit the next vet.

3. Call the airlines

Speak to an airlines representative and confirm the kind of documentation required for travelling with a cat. Also, ask whether the cat will be in the cabin or the cargo.

4. Carry cat essentials

Pack everything you may need during transit. Carry extra bottled water, towel, bowl, litter box, paper towel etc. If there is a special toy your cat is particularly fond of, keep it handy.

On the Moving Day

5. Keep your cat away from the chaos

Packing all your house stuff is chaotic. Keep your cat away from the mess of packing.

Since the doors are going to be open most of the time, and you won’t be there to pay constant attention to your cat, it’s a good chance for your cat to escape. You won’t want that happening, right?

Keep her in a carrier to avoid a situation like this. Or you may want to ask a friend to look after your cat till you finish your packing.

6. Make your cat wear the new collar

Put your name, number and address on the collar. If your cat does manage to escape on a moving day, this’ll make looking for her/him simpler.

7. Take special care of your cat during transit

Keep your cat with you whenever possible. During the transit, take special care to not leave the cat carrier in the storage area. It can get quite hot and stuffy here. This will only make your cat uncomfortable and irritable.

After the Move

8. Check if the new place is safe

After you reach your new place let your cat out of the carrier slowly. Allow her to explore your new home from one room to another slowly.

Ensure that the fencing is proper and no windows are broken. You don’t want your cat running out or getting injured in the new place, right?

9. Pamper your cat

Just like you, your cat is exhausted from the trip, too. Make her feel comfortable in the new place. This will help her adapt to the new surroundings quickly. Lay out her food bowls, water, and kitty litter. Spread out your cat’s favorite blanket. This will make her feel like home.

10. Let your cat choose its favorite spot in the new house

You must’ve noticed how your cat had a favorite spot in your old house. Let your cat choose one in the new house, too.

Remember that cats are territorial and don’t like changes made to their routine. They are bound to get shocked while moving, but by following the above tips you can make the transition less traumatizing for them.

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