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Relocate to Nigeria

Key Facts

Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Continent: Africa

Population: 186 Million

Official Languages: English and Native languages like Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba

Religions followed: Christianity, Islam, and Animism

Currency: Nigerian naira (NGN) Unit: ₦

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hours

Country Tel Code: +234

Nigeria is home to many kingdoms and tribal communities. Previously under the British rule, Nigeria was formed after the merging of Northern Nigeria Protectorate and Southern Nigeria Protectorate, when it gained independence in 1914. Thanks to its large population and economy, this country is also known as the ‘Giant of Africa’. Nigeria ranks no.1 in Africa and no.7 in the world, among the most-populous countries. It is inhabited by 500 different tribes, who speak their own language and follow their distinct cultures.

Living in Nigeria

Many international corporations are based in Nigeria and so a lot of expats live in this country. This is why, it will be easier to adjust in this country than expected. There are a few existential problems in Nigeria like proper roads, electricity, and drinking water, but nothing that cannot be dealt with. When moving to Nigeria, just make prior arrangements and a list of must-haves.

Politics in Nigeria

The political system in Nigeria is based on that of the United States of America. It is a federal republic, where the executive power lies in the hands of the President. The President, who is elected by popular vote, is the head of the state as well as the federal government, and serves a term of 4 years at a time, the maximum times being two. The National Assembly, which is made up of a Senate and a House of Representatives, work closely with the President. The major issues that dominate the politics of Nigeria are Ethnocentrism, tribalism, religious persecution, and prebendalism.

Economy of Nigeria

Nigeria is the biggest economy in the continent of Africa and 20th in the world. The World Bank has declared Nigeria as an emerging market. The main areas that are responsible for this huge economy are agriculture, oil, transport, manufacturing, and the service industry. Tourism also contributes to an extent to the Nigerian economy. Nigeria exports its goods to countries like the United States of America, Brazil, and Spain.

Buying or Renting Property in Nigeria

If you want western amenities in Nigeria, you will have to pay higher rent than usual. Also, the rent in Nigeria is paid two years up front. There are a lot of power cuts in Nigeria, so make sure that you have a well-maintained generator handy.

Visa and Immigration

Writer Relocations provides visa and immigration services for Nigeria and many other countries across the globe. You can get in touch with international move experts at Writer Relocations for further assistance.

Schooling in Nigeria

The education system in Nigeria is divided into Kindergarten, Primary education, Secondary education, and Tertiary education. Nigeria has the largest population of out-of-school youth across the globe. Primary education in Nigeria begins at the age of 3, and goes on for the next 6 years. Students are taught subjects like mathematics, English, Christian religious knowledge, Islamic knowledge studies, science etc. Secondary education is divided into 3 years of Junior Secondary School and 3 years of Senior Secondary School. Tertiary education includes many universities and professional institutes.

Weather in Nigeria

Nigeria has a varied landscape. Southern part of Nigeria experiences a tropical monsoon climate. Same is the case with most of the other areas across this country. The temperature in these areas never drops below 18 °C. Northern Nigeria experiences a tropical dry climate. This region experiences rainfall from June to September, and the rest the year is mostly dry and hot.

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