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Relocate to Botswana

Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Botswana

Capital: Gaborone

Continent: Africa

Population: 2.2 Million

Official Languages: English and Setswana

Religions followed: Christianity and African traditional religion

Currency: Botswana pula (BWP) Unit: P

Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours

Country Tel Code: +267

Known as the Bechuanaland under the British protectorate, Botswana became an independent country on September 30th 1966 and that is also when it changed its name. Approximately 70% of the country’s land is covered by the Kalahari Desert. Botswana’s northern and western neighbor is Namibia, its north-eastern neighbor is Zimbabwe, and its southern neighbor is South Africa.

Living in Botswana

Spread over almost 600,000 km², Botswana is one of the most sparsely population countries in the world. Almost 10% of the population of this country lives in its capital city, Gaborone, which also happens to be the largest city in Botswana. Living in this African country will mean being in close contact with wild flora and fauna and natural beauty. The rural areas of Botswana are full of pristine natural beauty and are a good place to live for people who are looking for some peace and quiet. However, lack of infrastructure is a down side of living in these neighborhoods.

Politics in Botswana

The ruling party in Botswana is the Botswana Republic Party and it has been in rule ever since independence. The President of the country is the head of both state as well as government. The judiciary system of Botswana consists of the local Magistrates Court, a High Court, and a Court of Appeal. The head of high court in the Chief Justice.

Economy of Botswana

Just a few decades ago, Botswana was considered to be a poor country with a GDP of approximately USD70 a year. Since the late 1960s, however, Botswana has transformed itself and has become one of the fastest growing economies of the world and in the year 2015, its GDP in USD was 18,825. According to the International Monetary Fund, Botswana’s economy has developed at the rate of 9% per year since 1966. Mining, cattle, and tourism are the three pillars on which the economy of this country is thriving.

Buying or Renting Property in Botswana

With one of the highest GDPs in Africa, Botswana has a high standard of living. When moving to Botswana, it’s a good idea to live in big cities as small towns do not have a lot of modern amenities. But if you are someone who loves to be close to nature, you will love the small cities and rural areas of Botswana. The lifestyle of Botswana is very relaxed and people love to spend their weekends with beer and barbeques. You can rent apartments as well as independent homes for affordable prices across the country.

Visa and Immigration

Writer Relocations provides visa and immigration services for Botswana and many other countries across the globe. You can get in touch with our executives for further assistance.

Schooling in Botswana

The different stages of education in Botswana include Primary education, Middle education, Secondary education, and Tertiary education. The first ten years of schooling in Botswana are compulsory and free, which includes seven years of primary education and 3 years of middle education. After this, the ones who opt to study further have to complete 2 years of Secondary education and then they can move on to a college for accounting or agriculture, or an institute of administration, commerce, or health sciences and more.

Weather in Botswana

The weather of all countries across Africa is increasingly becoming unpredictable. Botswana experiences rains from December through March and the average minimum temperature during this time is in the low 20s. The months of April and May have beautiful clear skies and cold nights. These temperatures become worse, almost freezing, from June to August. But even during these months, the day-time temperature is fairly warm. The temperature goes up again in the months of September and October, with the mercury going as high as 40° C. During some years, the October heat continues into November, and some years, the rains start a month early.

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