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Things to keep in mind before a move during COVID times

Moving is a highly stressful experience and we all are aware of it. But when a pandemic situation is added to it, we are mostly faced with one of the most challenging events in life. Writer Relocations as one of the leading removal companies worldwide can help to show a direction as to how moves can be managed during these uncertain times of COVID-19.

It’s best to get organised early:

Coronavirus pandemic has added a lot of uncertainly to our lives. The dynamics are changing now, with no certainty in anything whatsoever. So as and when things change, there might be some alterations as well – booked moves can get cancelled or postponed. So, it’s best to be organised from the very beginning and plan things accordingly, rather than waiting for the last minute. It’s a good time to begin getting quotes from professional movers on a global scale and understanding from them the estimated shipping times in best-case as well as worst-case scenarios. For more detailed insights, tips and tools on how best to get organised, read our move planner.

COVID calls for new visa restrictions and new norms in various countries so you might have to sell off many of your belongings before a move.

Create an inventory:

Since things are different nowadays, sanitisation norms are stricter, so expenses in logistics and transport have also increased, and it all depends on your preference – air freight, sea, or road. In such a situation, create an inventory of your belongings and decide what you shall carry with you. The rest you can sell off, or better still, keep in reliable storage facilities that are provided by many of the relocation companies themselves. Writer Relocations offers a variety of home and commercial storage solutions that are tailored specifically for the needs of the customers.

Secure your finances

Understand the situation from before and act accordingly, because money matters are crucial during a move. Address all your queries regarding opening and closing bank accounts and disparities in tax structures in different countries as early as possible. The current situation can have an impact on the currency rates as well, so know matters beforehand so that you do not face hurdles later. For more details read our blog on visa and immigration restrictions and concessions.

Research well

A change in location will bring with it not only differences in climatic conditions, but cultural variations as well. Read about them and get an understanding well in advance so that you can adjust well later on. As a part of its Destination Services, Writer Relocations offers settling in and orientation programmes, language and cultural training along with home and school search benefits for the customers.

Writer Relocations believes that it’s encouraging to continue business as usual, take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure staff members are operating in a safe environment, and to safeguard customers, look after their concerns and continue to offer an uncompromised quality of service.

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