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8 February 2023

Relocation Challenges of Female International Assignees

Relocating to a new country at times becomes very crucial for employees as they get promotion and take over crucial responsibilities at office.

3 February 2023

Best countries to build a home for expat women

Moving abroad is a very crucial decision for any individual and more so for women, especially if they are relocating alone. They have to overcome multiple challenges before they can safely settle to some other country effortlessly.

25 January 2023

Listing the Highest Paying Countries in The World

Most people move to a different country because of the monetary benefits that a relocation involves, along with the lure of a better life. However, leaving aside loved ones and venturing to an unknown place demands considerable grit and determination

19 January 2023

A Guide on How to Live in India as an Expat

To help you adjust to the change efficiently, we’ve curated a list of all important things expats need to know when moving to India.

11 January 2023

5 Disaster Safety Tips for Effective Emergency Relocation During Natural Calamities

You’ve been preparing for your home move for a while. You’ve done everything right. Hired the best movers and packers around. Everything seems in order. But wait!

5 January 2023

A Guide on the Best African Countries to Live In

Africa is the second largest and the second most populated continent. Africa has the highest number of expats living and working here.

22 December 2022

Moving Cats Overseas? Explore These Tips to Keep Them Comfortable

Cats, especially, can get very cranky during a move. Cats are very sensitive to the place at which they eat, the place where they stroll or play around and also the place where they sleep.

25 November 2022

A Guide to International Moving Insurance

15 November 2022

Everything You Need for Moving to India from America

While Indians moving to the US has been a trend for the longest time, the last few years have seen a lot of Indians moving back from USA.


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