9 May 2021

Employee Relocation During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Checklist

If you have been recently hired by a company abroad or asked to relocate to take up a position in an overseas branch this year, you can count yourself as one of the lucky few who have this opportunity.

3 May 2021

Moving Insurance: What Is It and Should You Get One When Relocating Overseas?

12 April 2021

Tips For a Successful Relocation During the Times of Covid-19

The right sanitisation methods and precautionary measures rooted in common sense can help fight the COVID-19 infection.

11 March 2021

4 Best Middle Eastern Countries for Foreigners to Work and Live In

If things aren’t going as well as you hoped career-wise in your home country, it may be high time to consider exploring other countries.

10 March 2021

5 Relocation Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad

Receiving an offer to work overseas is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizon, climb up a notch on the career ladder, earn a higher income, and enjoy more perks.

7 February 2021

Beat the Stress of Relocation and Aim for Healthy Living

Relocating abroad is no mean feat and can often turn extremely stressful. It’s not just moving from point A to point B, but totally turning oneself around and adjusting to the new environs and surroundings.

6 February 2021

Make Your School Search in a New City Easy with These Tips

Assignment to a new country on an office project involves multiple challenges. It’s taxing to travel alone, but if you are doing so with your family and children, then it’s a whole new ball game altogether.

5 February 2021

How Remote Learning Can Alter the Relocation Industry in a New Way

The concept of remote learning is comparatively new to educators and students, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it a necessity in the current times.

4 February 2021

How Departure Service Assistance Can Become Crucial During a Relocation Process

When you’re planning an international move, or getting ready to head back home after your stint in a location is over, your mind is mostly focused on three major aspects of the relocation process: