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Consular Services

As an overseas moving company, when we promise to be partners in your relocation processes, we not only assist and aid you in moving your goods from one country to another. We do a lot more. Relocation Visa & Immigration Services for us is a very comprehensive offering. That’s why, as a part of our consular services, our diplomatic agents offer advice and consultation whenever you need our assistance.

When you make a new city your home, probably in a new country there is a high chance not everything will go smooth. Even after the hiccups of the initial months, there might be some untoward incidents that might follow even later during your stay.

Guidance, anytime every time

Unforeseen incidents don’t come with a timeline and are never announced. That’s the reason, we are always there to guide you, to offer you our services, whenever there is any such need. After all, you realise the essence of true partners mostly in the hour of need.

We offer our consular services, with the help of diplomats, who in many cases are honorary consuls or distinctive members of that particular nation’s diplomatic service. So not only do they have the knowledge or intelligence to tackle the most crucial of your problems, they have the prudence and foresight to understand what works best for you in the country in which you have relocated and made a home.

The assistance offered can come, during any of these following situations:

  • if travel documents are replaced/ lost
  • during some serious illness, accident or death of an assignee
  • advice rendered to victims in case of some overseas crime
  • to inform the next-of-kin
  • liaison with the cops in case of any abduction case
  • loans to distraught travellers
  • to offer help when during some crises like natural disasters or civil unrest
  • to facilitate the payments during social welfare benefits

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Testimonial Background

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First of all, I want to thank you one more time for the very high efficiency of your team.

This allowed me to get within less than one week, both my visa extension and my Indian resident permit !!! Very good job indeed and all my congratulations for this last minute operation !!!

B.R. Orange Business

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