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Relocate to India

Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of India

Capital: New Delhi

Continent: Asia

Population: 1.324 Billion

Official Languages: Hindi and English

Religions followed: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism

Currency: Rupee

Time Zone: IST (UTC +05:30)

Country Tel Code: +91

Living in India

India is a vibrant country with a mix of different cultures and religions. India is the second most populated country in the world. It is a rapidly developing country which is what makes it a favorable choice for expats.

While a lot of people continue migrating out of India for better work opportunities and lifestyle, the past few years has seen an increase in the number of people moving into India for the same reason. India is a great destination for expats looking to advance their career or start their own business.

What makes living in India so different from life in other places is the fact that each city in this diverse country has its own charm. While you’d experience a fast-paced and busy lifestyle in metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, life in smaller towns like Pune or Bhopal is more relaxed.

Politics in India

India is a democratic country. The President is the head of the country and the Prime Minister is the head of the Central Government. The Prime Minister of the country is elected every five years by the citizens of the country in the Lok Sabha elections. The Prime Minister has to be the leader of a political party.

The President of India is elected by the members of Parliament, and serves for five years. The primary duty of the President is to preserve and protect the constitution of the country.

Economy of India

The economy of India is the sixth largest in the world measured by GDP. By PPP, India has the third largest economy in the world. India’s economy is also said to be the fastest growing economy in the world over the last few years.

Buying or Renting Property in India

For expats, renting a good, affordable property in India isn’t very easy. Be prepared for extra trouble if you are single or an unmarried couple.

It is also not very uncommon in India for landlords to show up at your doorsteps any time demanding to have a look at their property. Unlike countries in the West, there aren’t any laws preventing landlords from doing so. To avoid any conflicts, it is best to sign a formal agreement with your landlord stating both parties’ terms clearly.

Compared to Western countries, rents in India are pretty low.

Expats aren’t exactly allowed to buy property in India. The rules right allow you to buy a property in India only if you have been living in India all your life, or can produce a Non-Resident Indian or Person of Indian Origin card.

Read about this in detail here.

Visa and Immigration

Writer Relocations provides visa and immigration services for India and many other countries across the globe. You can get in touch with our executives for further assistance.

Schools in India

According to a law passed in 2009, education in India is compulsory and free for children between the age 6 to 14. However, India still has a high illiteracy rate.

Pre-school starts form the age of three and lasts three years. This is followed by primary education for four years. Secondary education lasts for six years.

Majority of students in India get a college degree before they start working. A considerable number of students also opt for a Masters degree on completing their graduation.

The quality of education in India has been under constant scrutiny.

Expats usually prefer sending their children to an IB school.

Weather in India

There are 3 major seasons in India- Summer, Monsoon and Winter.

Summers normally last from March to May. Monsoon is from June to September. Mid-September to Early November is usually hot again, known as the Season of Retreating Monsoon. Winter is from November to February.

The climate of India varies according to the region. Summers and winters are extreme in the northern regions. Monsoons are dominant in the coastal regions.

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