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Relocate to Finland

Key Facts

Official Name: The Republic of Finland

Capital: Helsinki

Continent: Europe

Population: 5.495 Million

Official Languages: Finnish, Swedish

Religions followed: Lutheran, Atheism, Islam

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: GMT+2

Country Tel Code: +358

Living in Finland

Finland is one of the northernmost country in the world. It shares a land border with Sweden to the Northwest, Norway to the North, Russia to the East and Gulf of Finland to the South.

Finland has abundance of natural beauty and wildlife.

People visiting here are bound to be overwhelmed by it. On the other hand it also has modern towns and cities which makes it no different than any other developed European country.

Finland has a population of only 5.4 million, moreover it being remotely located, it has lesser visitors as compared to any other European countries. This is why you’re less likely to feel overcrowded. Travelling is also quite sorted in Finland as public transport is very efficient. The roads are clean and has many signboards, so you can easily drive from one place to another without much of a hassle.

Language is also not much of an issue as most of the Finns can understand and speak basic English.

They are quiet and reserved at first but would happily help you, if need be, as they’re warm and hospitable.

Finns are also known to be very honest. This has made the country one of the least corrupt nation in the world.

Politics in Finland

Finland has a multiparty system where no single party can win an absolute majority in parliamentary elections. This is why the country has a coalition government. Usually, leaders of the party with most seats in the parliament becomes the prime minister.

The president is the head of the state and is elected for the period of 6 years.

The president conducts Finland’s foreign policy together with the government and is in charge of relations with other states. He also participates in international organisations and negotiations and also is the commander-in-Chief of the defence forces.

Economy of Finland

Finland has a industrialised, free-market economy.

The most important part of the economy is trade.

In recent years, the country’s exports have accounted for over one-third of its GDP. The government of Finland is also actively taking steps to promote foreign direct investment. Finland is quite competitive when it comes to manufacturing and is a leading manufacturer of metal, electronics, engineering and telecommunications etc. Except a few natural resources Finland is also highly dependent on imports such as raw materials, goods needed for manufacturing.

Finland is known to be the best performing economy of the European Union.

The country saved itself from the global financial crisis, however its exports took a hit cause of the world slowdown. Due to this the GDP had fallen substantially, but over the years it has gained economic stability.

Buying and renting property in Finland

Earlier non-residents needed to obtain a permit to buy property in Finland, but later Finland’s government has removed this requirement.

Any foreigner can buy property in Finland without seeking for any permit.

Once the buyer chooses a property he/she should examine all the documents related to the property. After that a preliminary agreement binding both the parties is drawn. Later when the buyer has received title to the real estate, he/she becomes liable to apply for legal confirmation of title. When the title is released the transaction is finished.

For renting a property the tenant usually have to pay two months rent as security deposit, plus the first month’s rent in advance. This should be made in the form of bank deposit. The rent cannot be increased till the term of the agreement finishes. The rent is usually paid monthly.

At the termination of the agreement the the deposit is returned in full, unless there is some damage made to the apartment.

While renting do not expect light fittings, carpet, curtains etc. What you could probably expect is a refrigerator, oven and some kitchen equipment.

Visa and Immigration

Writer Relocations provides visa and immigration services for Finland and many other countries across the globe. You can get in touch with our executives for further assistance.

Schools in Finland

If your children are very young then you can enroll them to the nearby municipal daycare. All Finland residents can do this until their child is old enough for school. There are a few private centers too for but they will cost you more.

Surprisingly, in Finland kids attend school only for a few hours as compared to any other European country.

They don’t even have tests before the last year of school. This is because Finnish education system believe that children should be playful at that age. Whats even more surprising is that even after this relaxed approach, Finland education system is considered to be one of the best in the world.

In public schools, children mainly learn two official languages of Finland that is Finnish and Swedish. Other then that they also learn English.

Children start going to school when they turn seven and have nine years of total schooling.

There are a handful of private schools in Finland, this is because they believe in equality of education. This means that the quality of education is the same in all schools. This also makes Finland an ideal place for schooling.

Expats always have the choice of sending their children to an IB school. Here’s a list of international schools in Finland to help you choose.

Weather in Finland

Finland experiences extreme weather throughout the year. Summers in Finland are short. The weather is usually warm and there is sunshine throughout the day. At the North of the Arctic Circle the midnight sun stays above the horizon from June to July. Even in the south the nights are short and days are longer. The temperature goes up to 20 °C or even 30 °C.

The winters are very extreme in Finland. During this time the days are usually short and the nights are long. Winter continues from November to April and its continuously snowing at this time. Temperatures are -5 °C to -20 °C.

You can check the current weather of Finland here.

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