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Relocate to Austria

Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich)
Capital: Vienna
Continent: Europe
Population: 8.61 million
Official Languages: German, Hungarian, Austrian German, Slovenian
Religions followed: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT+2
Country Tel Code: +43

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Living in Austria

The standard of living here is eminent. Austria offers a wide range of job opportunities for tourists and expats. Finding work opportunities here is not a problem for expats. This makes Austria a very desirable place for expatriates to relocate to.

Austria’s capital, Vienna is home to a quarter of Austria’s population. Vienna keeps organizing several music festivals, theater performances and opera.

The public transport in Austria is efficient and affordable. Trains are the fastest and most convenient way to travel between cities. while the roadways of Austria form an extensive network connecting it to its neighbors.

Politics in Austria

Austria is a parliamentary republic and is founded on the principles of democracy. The representative of the state is the Federal President (Bundespräsident) who is elected every six years and the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzler) is the head of the government, but he has no power to direct other members of the government. The Federal Legislative power is exercised by the two chambers of the parliament (the National Council and Federal Council) and the government. Executive power is solely exercised by the government and the Judiciary is independent of the Executive and the Legislature.

Economy in Austria

Being one of the most stable members of the EU, Austria is a desirable place for investors. The most important industries here are food, chemicals, mechanical engineering, luxury commodities, steel construction and vehicle manufacturing. It is known worldwide for it handcrafted finery, ceramics, glassware, jewelry, and its art and crafts.

With one of the largest natural land reserves. Austria’s tourism sector strengthens its economy. Austria also has an abundance of natural resources such as iron ore, non-ferrous metals, earths and important minerals. Trade is crucial to Austria’s economy, the value of the exports and imports taken together are sum up to a 102% of its GDP. Austria is open to trade and investments, however, there are complex regulations that may delay or prevent investment.

Buying or Renting Property in Austria

The rules and regulations that are concerned with the buying and renting of property in Austria vary according to the regions.

If you’re an EU citizen paying in cash, it’ll be smooth sailing for you. However, if you’re not an EU citizen there is a foreign policy that requires all transactions to be approved by the authority in the district. This process can take up to six months.

Schools in Austria

The schooling system in Austria is free and public. It also requires its pupils to complete ten years of education. Vocational-technical courses along with courses preparing students for the University are also offered by schools which add one to four extra years in the education which stretch beyond the mandatory level.

The responsibility for overseeing and funding the primary, secondary and tertiary education lies with the Federal Ministry of Education. Pupils who desire to get a degree must either complete four to five years in institutions of higher education (Höhere Schule) or they can get a higher education entrance qualification (Berufsbildende Höhere Schule) from a vocational school. These schools mostly require pupils to give an entrance exam or demand they score highly on their previous certificates.

Students are free to go to the university after they give an exam called the ‘Matura’ (matriculation), although some branches like the medical require the students to give additional exams.

Weather in Austria

The weather across Austria differs only mildly. The north and east of Austria due to a continental influence, have cold winters and hotter summers along with drizzles throughout the year, whereas the southeastern parts of Austria have summers that are longer.

The Atlantic influences the southern parts of Austria, hence the weather here is mild (during winters) and warm (during summers) along with high precipitation. The coldest month in Austria is January. As far as rain is concerned, it’s divided evenly throughout the year, with an exception of the months, May and September, you can expect the most rainfall during the months of April and November. Be sure to carry a sweater because you’ll need it almost throughout the year.

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