Relocate to Russia

Key Facts

Official Name: Russian Federation, (Российская Федерация )
Capital: Moscow
Continent: Europe and Asia
Population: 144.1 Million
Official Languages: Russian
Religions followed: Russian, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish
Currency: Ruble
Time Zone: +3 (Moscow)
Country Tel Code: +7

Living in Russia

Russia has the world’s largest forest reserve. It is also the largest country in the world and spans 9 different time zones. If you're thinking of living here, remember that this is the most expensive country you can pick to live in Europe. Moscow, Russia’s capital is the fourth most expensive city in the world. Before you plan to move here, think twice.

Politics in Russia

According to the Constitution of Russia, the President is the head of the state. He appoints the Prime Minister with the approval of the Parliament. Although the executive power is split between the president and the prime minister the president is the dominant figure. The term for the presidency is six years allowing the president to serve two consecutive terms. According to the law, a minimum of 50% of the eligible voters should participate in the election in order for the results to be valid. The president resides in Kremlin (Moscow) from where he determines the basic policies, foreign and domestic, grant pardons etc.

Economy in Russia

Some sources estimate that Russia has over 30 percent of the world's natural resources. It is estimated by the world bank that the total worth of the natural resources in Russia is about $75 trillion. Due to this Russia has an abundance of precious metals, natural gas, and oil, these contribute to making up a big share of their exports. Russia was named a high-income economy by the world bank in 2013.

Buying or Renting Property in Russia

There aren't any rules restricting the purchase of property for expats as such when it comes to buying homes in Russia. If you’re looking to buy property online, here are some websites you could look at. With sufficient proof of financial stability, it is possible to get a loan from a bank to purchase a house.

Schools in Russia

Russia is a good place for your kids to complete their education. Higher education in Russia is ranked as the third best in the world by the US company Bloomberg.

Russia's education was rated as 13th best in the world and 8th best in Europe. If your child is not well versed in Russian then you should consider sending him to a private school as the public schools have their instructions in Russian.

Weather in Russia

Russia is a vast country and has a lot of differences in weather. Due to its size, Russia is split into different time zones. Temperatures plummet to -40 degrees F in the North and this part of the country faces harsh winter which is long. Oymyakon, a tiny village in Yakutia, Russia, is the coldest inhabited place on the planet.

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