Writer Relocations settles the family in Nagpur for an US Aeronautical Company

Writer Relocations was asked to look for a suitable house for a Project Head. The Project Head along with his family was moving to India to work on a manufacturing plant at Nagpur.

Nagpur is a Tier 2 city, and that meant the housing available wasn't up to the standards of expatriates. The living conditions, the quality of life, and the lifestyle also were below expectations.

The houses available were not up to standard.

We screened houses where we showed the expat family 8 properties in a day. But they had issues with the sizes of the houses shown.

Later on, the expat family insisted on renting a bigger independent house. Despite letting them know the challenges involved in renting an independent house they finalized one of the shown houses.

We took care of all the negotiations and persuaded the landlord to give the house on lease. We convinced the landlord to lease the house for 2 years even though the standard lease period in Nagpur is 11 months.

Writer Relocations saved the deal for the client

Even after agreeing to the terms and conditions there was a delay in signing the lease document as the authorized person was not in place.

This really annoyed the landlord who threatened to close the deal with someone else if there were any further delays. Our Move Consultant at this crucial time persuaded the landlord and requested him to honor his prior commitment.

We also made the client understand the gravity of the situation and requested for an immediate payment and signing process.

Finally, the signing took place and the payment was made.

We also took care of the work needed to be done at the bungalow. White goods and black curtains were arranged. The apartment was newly painted, the bedroom was converted into a study, and high-speed internet access was made available.

All’s well that ends well

Finally, the expat family moved into the apartment, without having to stay in a temporary accommodation.

The client and expat were very pleased as Writer Relocations closely worked with the landlord and made this move a reality.

We received the following feedback from the client

“In all my moves across many locations in 25 years, this has been my best experience so far. Writer Relocations has a great team of professionals who have an eye for detail and excellent follow ups. They are always willing to go the extra mile, including working on weekends, to ensure a seamless experience.” Paul

Feedback received from US Corporate

“We thank the Writer Relocations team for their commitment and ensuring that our employees are relocated safely, quickly, and seamlessly at Nagpur, India!”

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